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Your pastor needs spiritual refreshment, and we have the place for him to go just for that.

Answers for Pastors

Your pastor needs spiritual refreshment, and we have the place for him to go just for that. Many church members have little idea that their pastor gives so much of himself, in preparing his messages and tending to the flock, that he himself needs to be fed and ministered to as well.

Our “Answers for Pastors” conference, to be held here in northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati) September 21-23, is going to be an exciting opportunity for your pastor (and his wife) to be equipped and revived for more effective ministry to you, your church body, and community. If your pastor registers by May 31, he can enjoy a substantial discount.


One of the main conference speakers is widely respected theologian Dr. John Whitcomb. Your pastor probably already knows Dr. Whitcomb because of his co-authored classic book (which touched off the creationist movement worldwide), The Genesis Flood.

Among the other several speakers is Ken Ham, AiG president. An expert line-up of speakers has been assembled and they have designed a special conference that will greatly equip pastors, plus their wives (many sessions are being held just for them). In addition, after a tour of the nearby Creation Museum, your pastor will be better trained for a powerful apologetics and evangelistic ministry in your church and community.


Pastors will enjoy three days of warm fellowship around the Word of God and also with other pastors—all equally motivated to equip their church and defend the Bible in this skeptical world. Music and praise, a special pastors/wives “date night” at the museum, and a relaxing afternoon to tour the Creation Museum and its spectacular gardens are a part of “Answers for Pastors.”

In a world that attacks the very foundation of the truth we uphold, every pastor can be thoroughly prepared.

Approach the leaders of your church and encourage them to sponsor your pastor to attend “Answers for Pastors.” It is less expensive than most national Bible conferences. Furthermore, his wife and a second leader from the church can attend at half price. A trip to the Creation Museum is also included for each registrant.

Check out to find out more about this wonderful time of refreshment, fellowship, and equipping. Early-bird discount registration ends May 31, so act now!


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