AiG is excited to announce the addition of another language site to its burgeoning group of non-English Web sites—AiG-Danish! We appreciate so much the hard work of our two volunteers from Denmark, Lars Poulsen and Jesper Larsen, in helping us bring this new Web site to fruition.

Lars, the primary translator, shared with us how he became involved in translating AiG resources into his native language:

“Until I became a Christian, when I was about 17 years old, I had been an evolutionist. Like most others, that means I did not really understand it, but I was sure it was true when they said that the world had come to exist all by itself, and that life also had appeared all by itself and that it had evolved through millions of years all by itself. After I became a Christian, I had problems with Genesis 1-11. I mean ‘science’ could not be all that wrong, and after all, the Bible was just an old book, written thousands of years ago—they probably did not know any better then.

Lars and Jesper have also helped us translate booklets for Web and printed publications in Danish (not yet available). View a list of our current translations in other languages here.

“At the age of 26, I went to Bible College here in Denmark. This was the first time I was confronted with people who believed that the Bible was true from cover to cover. And they did not only believe this, they also had quite reasonable explanations for it. All of a sudden Genesis 1-11 made sense! This was a whole new experience for me, and I just couldn’t let it go. So I started studying creation from a Biblical point of view—and a whole new world opened up to me. The Bible began to make sense!

“For the last 5 or 6 years I have studied a lot. And all the time God has proven to be way more powerful and ‘in charge’ than I had ever imagined before.

“But in all this, I had been saddened by the fact that there is almost no material available in Danish on the creation!

“At some point I was asked to do a talk on creation (which I do with great pleasure—I know what God has given me through studying these matters, and I love to let Him use me to be His tool to let more people in on the secret). In my research for the talk, I came across the Answers in Genesis Web site. I read a lot of the articles there, and also found all the overheads that are available. I contacted AiG to ask if it was all right if I translated some of them in order to use them for my talks. The answer was that if I would translate them all, they would make me a set. How could I resist that offer? At that time I did not know how many there were. ;-)

“This work led to more translating, starting with booklets and the Web site. Hopefully we will get to some ‘real’ books along the line, and then the wonders of creation will be available to the Danish people as well—in their own language.

“Even though I am not a scientist, a theologian or anything like that (I’m originally a photographer, and now a Web designer), the Lord now uses me to give people a clearer view of the Bible! I do not understand how He can use someone like me—but the success of the Lord’s work does not depend on my understanding His ways. Sometimes the Lord really does work in mysterious ways!

“At the age of 38, I finally found my place in God’s plan!”


Jesper was referred to AiG through a friend of his, and functions as a proofreader for the translations. A Christian of 12 years, Jesper is editor of his church’s magazine, author of several Christian books, booklets and magazine articles, and Web manager of his own Danish Web site (

We look forward to continually adding more fresh and relevant content to the Danish site, just as we do to our other Web sites. Additionally, we’ve given a face-lift to our French site, and are currently working on redesigning the Japanese site. We are also looking for someone fluent in Somali to volunteer to proof an already-translated booklet—if you know of anyone willing to do so, please e-mail our translations coordinator

We praise the Lord as He brings the right people at the right time to translate these materials and resources into other languages, that we may continue to fulfill the “great commission” (Matthew 28:19,20). If you would like to donate to our translations ministry, simply complete our secure, on-line donation form, and remember to write “translations” in the comments section.


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