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The January–March 2010 issue of Answers magazine has several articles on fossil mysteries that evolution can’t explain but that are explained by a biblical perspective.

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The January–March 2010 issue of Answers magazine has several articles on fossil mysteries that evolution can’t explain but that are explained by a biblical perspective.

Does the fossil record support evolution? How can a Christian respond to claims that fossils and radiometric dating irrefutably point to an old earth and millions of years of evolution? The January–March 2010 issue of Answers magazine has several articles on mysteries that evolution can’t explain but that are explained by a biblical perspective. This issue also includes the third article in Dr. Andrew Snelling’s series on radiometric dating and why it doesn’t prove an age of billions of years for the earth.

But you’ll find much more than rocks and fossils. Look for interesting and informative articles on the design of the largest dinosaurs, as well as those diminutive carnivorous plants. In addition, thought-provoking pieces challenge readers to provide the lost world with a more mature gospel message.

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  • “Five Fossil Mysteries that Evolution Can’t Explain”—Articles by Dr. Kurt Wise, Dr. Marcus Ross, and A. P. Galling give Bible-based answers to mysteries that baffle evolutionists:
    • “The Cambrian Explosion”—Forty major animal groups appear out of nowhere at the bottom of the fossil record. Where did this “Cambrian Explosion” come from?
    • “Those Not-So-Dry Bones”—If dinosaurs died millions of years ago, how can their fossils still contain soft tissue?
    • “Without a Leg to Stand on”—If birds evolved from dinosaurs, as evolutionists claim, why are birds and dinosaurs so radically different, even in the way they walk?
    • “Amazingly Preserved Leaves”—When leaves die, they shrivel up and crumble. So, why is the fossil record chock full of well-preserved, flat leaves?
    • “Tracks but No Trilobites”—Why do we find lots of trilobite tracks in several rock layers, but we don’t find trilobite fossils until much higher in the fossil record?
  • Sauropods Engineered for Size”—When you share a world with two-ton killers like Allosaurus, it helps to be a lot bigger than they are. But sustaining such a huge body presents its own challenges. Dr. Marcus Ross profiles the sauropods, the largest animals ever to walk the earth.
  •  “More Than a Revolution”—Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. discusses the biblical understanding of God’s design for sexuality, rooted in Genesis, that Christians need in order to meet the challenges of the homosexual movement with grace and honesty.
  • “Mapping Out the Truth”—A creationist-run dig in Wyoming has set a new standard of excellence in fossil fieldwork, using the latest technology. John UpChurch relates how their careful research is shedding light on what exactly happened to the dinosaurs.
  • Ken Ham on “Maturing the Message”—Over the past two decades, the creation message has been refined to focus on the root issue: compromise of Genesis ultimately undermines the gospel itself.

Mini Articles

  • “Space-Age Leaves”—How do you pack a huge solar panel into a small rocket, launch it into space, then unfurl the panel without adding lots of extra motors and braces? For the answer, scientists looked inside the buds of the common beech tree.
  • “Pint-Sized Predators”—You might think that the chubby little pitcher plant looks “cute” and “cuddly.” But for insects and other small animals, it’s a deadly trap. Ron Dudek writes about the exquisite design of this tiny carnivore.


In three semi-technical articles, Dr. Andrew Snelling and Dr. Kurt Wise answer persistent questions about what the geologic column and fossil record reveal about creation and the age of the earth.

  • “Order in the Fossil Record”—Is the order of the geologic column a figment of evolutionists’ imagination, arranged to support evolution? The surprising answer should encourage biblical creationists!
  • “Completeness of the Fossil Record”—Has the fossil record preserved only a small fraction of all the species that ever lived, as predicted by those who believe fossils were deposited over millions of years? Or is it nearly complete, as the Flood might lead us to expect?
  • “Radiometric Dating: Making Sense of the Patterns”—Radiometric dates of millions of years are clearly wrong because of wrong assumptions, but the technique itself is scientific. The patterns can help creationists identify when rock layers were deposited within biblical history.

Kids Answers and More

  • Kids Answers— This issue’s Kids Answers teaches about the elephant kind, including the mastodon and woolly mammoth alongside the African and Indian elephants
Kids Answers 5.1
  • The detachable chart, “The Stones Cry Out,” demonstrates graphically how to read the geologic column from Creation through the Flood and the Ice Age that followed it to the present world.
  • You’ll also benefit from relevant articles on Christian living for teens and parents, as well as teaching that all Christians need by Todd Friel, Tedd Tripp, Don Landis, and others.

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