The Expellers Exposed


Even though the hard-hitting documentary Expelled does not cover biblical creation, it has provided a great public service. Expected to be released soon on DVD, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed awakened theater-goers to the secular scientific community’s intolerance toward anyone who suggests the possibility of intelligent design.

Expelled Video

Released in April 2008, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed exposes the intolerance within evolutionary science. (Not actual DVD cover shown)

Strongly endorsed by Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham and other Christian leaders, the film powerfully documents how Darwin-doubting teachers and scientists have been expelled from their jobs and sometimes careers.

It’s encouraging to see Hollywood release a movie that exposes how academic freedom is being lost in Western nations. Expelled is a film your family and friends should see—and share with others, especially now that it is coming out on DVD.

Visit to read AiG’s review of Expelled.

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