Publisher’s Pen: October 2007

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This issue is packed! From articles about far-away stars and the innermost intricacies of the human body to one about the Emerging Church movement, I think you will soon agree that this issue of Answers contains a wide array of Creator-honoring information.

First, for something to read to the entire family, you might want to start on page 20. There you’ll find “Purring Cats and Roaring Tigers.” It’s a beautifully illustrated article by Melinda Christian about the cat kind—from house cats to white tigers. Then jump to the middle for a kid-friendly fold-out poster in the Kids Answers section. The fun facts are sure to give a Bible-based understanding of how all the different species of cats came about.

Next, consider flipping to page 74. There you’ll find articles that require a bit more concentration. Anatomist David Menton shares his research into the design and complexity of the human ear. Astrophysicist Jason Lisle teaches about the properties and awe-inspiring qualities of various kinds of stars. Finally, we launch the first in a continuing series by geologist Andrew Snelling. You’ll learn the latest rock-hard evidences for the Genesis Flood.

Each of these articles—plus more than twenty brief news and culture articles highlighting recent creation-related happenings—can be used to reach your loved ones with biblical and scientific evidences for creation and the truth of the Bible.

It is the truth of the Bible that brings me to our special section beginning on page 25. It’s called “Can we understand and trust the Bible today?” These articles answer questions about supposed errors in the Bible, the books included in the Bible, the holy books of other religions, and more.

Finally, friend, be sure to read the significant section about the Reformation. Here, based on the lessons of history, we explain the need for a new reformation in the church today. So much in so few pages. Thanks for reading!

All for Him,

Dale Mason
Publisher/Executive Editor

Answers Magazine

October – December 2007


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