Prayer Requests and Praises, November 2011


With the changing seasons, there’s plenty in the works here at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum.

With the changing seasons, there’s plenty in the works here at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Below are some exciting praises of how we have seen God working, as well as a couple of the most notable items to keep in prayer this month.


Ministry Finances

Even in the midst of increasingly difficult economic times, God continues to faithfully provide for His people—including the ministry of AiG. We were recently blessed with unexpected financial support, which came just when it was most needed. Although there is still a great need for donations as the year comes to an end, we trust the Creator of the universe to provide as He always has.

All-Asian Creation Conference

You may or may not know about the huge creation conference this past week in Malaysia, but it’s clear that God answered many prayers related to this significant event. The All-Asian Creation Conference was the first of its kind to be held in the world. Nearly a thousand people from 20 countries around the globe attended days of focused teaching on the importance of biblical authority, the relevance of Genesis, and a young earth.

Many of the attendees are hearing this critical truth for the first time, and their responses have been incredible. The resources brought to the conference sold rapidly, with many people still wanting more. Person after person came up and pleaded with the conference leaders, “Please send speakers into my country,” because this message is so desperately needed. Praise God for stirring the hearts of so many, and may this be just the beginning!


Christmas Town 2011

Next month, the Creation Museum will once again offer Christmas Town, a phenomenal outreach celebrating the birth of our Savior. This program is free to everyone, with a live nativity, gospel-focused live dramas, and a spectacular garden of lights. Over 22,000 visitors came last year, and we are praying for an even bigger turnout this winter.

We need dozens of volunteers to keep everything running smoothly, so please pray that God will bring the right people. Also, there are still hundreds of organizational pieces that have to come together in the next several weeks, from costumes to schedules to decorations and more—so we certainly need the Lord’s guidance in the preparation process. Most importantly, please pray for those who will visit Christmas Town this year and encounter the real meaning of Christmas for the first time—the life-changing truth that God sent His Son to earth to pay the penalty for sin.

Ark Encounter

Plans continue to take shape for the development of the Ark Encounter, especially focusing on the Ark itself. This biblically proportioned boat will be a colossal reminder of the veracity of God’s Word and the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Right now the biggest challenge facing the project is getting enough funds to begin construction. By God’s grace, current support levels are approaching $4 million.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless the peg, plank, and beam campaign, as well as the charter lifetime boarding passes. Ask God to move the hearts of people across the nation and the world to be a part of this huge project designed to glorify Him, and that the funds would come together in His perfect timing. Also, please keep the whole Ark Encounter team in prayer.


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