Prayer Requests and Praises, February 2012


We’ve had no lack of reasons to praise our Creator—or requests to bring before Him in faith. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying with us.

It’s not spring yet, but here in Kentucky it hasn’t really felt like winter either. Although snow has been less than abundant this year at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, we’ve had no lack of reasons to praise our Creator—or requests to bring before Him in faith. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying with us.


Speaking in Russia and Albania

Last month, Dr. Terry Mortenson traveled across the world and spent weeks proclaiming the authority of God’s Word throughout Russia and Albania—a land that desperately needs this message. In addition to a busy line-up of outreaches, he had the opportunity on live television to answer questions regarding dinosaurs, Scripture, and the gospel. As a result of this trip, thousands heard the truth about Genesis, and many received translated AiG materials.

Praise the Lord for the seeds of truth planted because of Dr. Mortenson’s talks and the translated resources he was able to distribute. Please pray for those who attended the sessions; many are pastors and Christian leaders, but a number of unbelievers also came and encountered the gospel.

Ark Encounter Donations

By the abundant grace of God, funding for the Ark has reached a significant milestone—people have now given over five million dollars! That’s more than a fifth of the total cost needed to build this powerful monument to the truth of God’s Word.

We are very grateful for the generosity of God’s people, and we pray that He will move the hearts of thousands more to be a part of the Ark Encounter project. Please join with us in prayer that the Lord will guide and greatly bless during the planning and development process.


Creation Museum

February tends to be a slow time of year at the Creation Museum, with fewer visitors filling the halls. Still, there’s plenty going on each day with educational talks by AiG speakers, special events like the recent “Evening to Remember” (February 10), and a number of interactive workshops.

We’ve been taking advantage of the “spare time” to do some much-needed upkeep in a few areas—and a whole lot of planning. Please pray for museum management staff as they brainstorm about new presentations and programs to implement in the coming year for God’s glory.

Answers for Teachers

On February 17, the Creation Museum will host this year’s Answers for Teachers conference. This program offers sessions focused on equipping teachers to effectively communicate scriptural truth to their students—starting with the essential foundation in Genesis.

As countless students are being trained to accept evolution as fact, now more than ever we need Christian teachers who are willing and able to uphold biblical creation in the classroom. Please ask the Lord to use the talks during this conference to affect the hearts and minds of those in attendance and strengthen them in His Word.

NRB Convention

Answers in Genesis staff will represent the ministry at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention this month (February 18–21). Please pray that more radio stations would choose to carry our daily program Answers with Ken Ham as a result of this opportunity.


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