Prayer Requests and Praises, December 2012


As this year draws to a close and a new year quickly approaches, Christians have another opportunity to thank the Lord for new beginnings.

In Genesis 1:14 we read that God created the lights in the heavens to “be for signs and seasons, and for days and years.” As this year draws to a close and a new year quickly approaches, Christians have another opportunity to thank the Lord for new beginnings (see Lamentations 3:22–23).

During this season we celebrate Christmas as a reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ—God incarnate. Jesus “became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14) over 2,000 years ago and then died on the Cross for our sins. Our great Creator has given His children far more than just a new year. When we repent of our sins and believe in Christ, God grants us new life! Paul wrote that “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

We at Answers in Genesis are eternally grateful to our God for His merciful salvation, and we also thank Him for those who pray faithfully for this ministry.


Creation Museum College Expo

We were excited to see more than 200 students, along with family members and friends, gathered in Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum last month. They were here for our College Expo, which featured exhibitions from 26 Christian colleges and universities that share AiG’s stance on biblical creation.

Attendees received challenges from God’s Word by several speakers over two days—and they also had the opportunity to talk with representatives from various colleges. Praise the Lord for these young people, and please pray for them to make wise and godly decisions for their education.

New Research Staff

We are thankful for two new staff members arriving in January to join the Research Department.

Dr. Danny Faulkner, an experienced PhD astronomer, is coming to us from the University of South Carolina at Lancaster. He will be in charge of our Johnson Observatory and its telescopes, as well as providing input to new Planetarium programs for the Creation Museum.

Mr. Lee Anderson, with an MABS from The Masters College, will join us as a research assistant to aid our research scientists in their work, including assisting with production of our online Answers Research Journal.

Please pray for these men as they put everything in order to minister with AiG.


Christmas Town

Over 25,000 people visited Christmas Town at the Creation Museum last year, and this year we hope to reach even more people with the truth of Jesus Christ. Please pray for the many volunteers who are giving their time to make this outreach possible—from the parking directors to those acting in live dramas. Ask God to encourage these volunteers and to bless their efforts. Also, pray that many visitors may come to trust God’s Word and the gospel message.

Software Development

The IT department at AiG is working to develop a much-needed new inventory management system for our warehouse and store. Please ask God to give strength and guidance to the staff members involved in this project, as there is still a significant amount of work left to do before the deadline next February.

Year-end Donations

Please pray that God will bring donors during this season to support the ministry of Answers in Genesis, so we can continue to boldly proclaim the message of biblical authority. Also ask the Lord to bless the Ark Encounter fund-raising efforts as this year comes to an end—including the peg, plank, and beam campaign and the charter boarding passes.


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