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Scheduling and finding an Answers in Genesis event and learning about your favorite speakers has gotten much easier thanks to our new Answers Outreach site.

This award-winning website has just gotten better! For people wanting to schedule one of our Bible-proclaiming speakers or to find an event being held in their area, we’re excited to point you now to a special section of the AiG website, AnswersConferences.org.

The speakers’ pages make information easily accessible at a glance. Previously, you had to search various locations on our site, but now they are conveniently tied together in one place. Each speaker page now includes our popular Video on Demand segments. These video excerpts will give you an idea of the types of presentations that each speaker can offer your church or group. You’ll also find their speaking schedule so that you can plan to see them in a city near you.

Our expanded speaker biographies now delve deeper into the speakers’ fascinating backgrounds and passion to share the creation/gospel message. There are also links to the articles they’ve written and also their individual blogs so that you can keep up with their thoughts, research, and travels. Already, these insightful blogs are becoming a popular part of this new website, as the speakers recount some of the “adventures” they have had on the road as they give seminars around the country (and overseas).

When you read the speakers’ blogs, you’ll be thrilled to know how God has blessed the proclamation of His Word through these exceptional speakers. You’ll also be able to read their testimonies, plus discover how you can book one of their dynamic presentations for your area.

According to AiG’s president (and best-known speaker) Ken Ham, “Every time I speak, people ask me how they can host an Answers in Genesis conference. This new website makes it easy. It has all the information they need to get started.”

By the way, in addition to our popular biblical authority messages, AiG’s speakers also give illustrated talks on dinosaurs, racism, intelligent design, and many other intriguing topics.

Visit AnswersConferences.org to find out more.


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