Olympic-sized Outreach


The images captivate millions on TV: grand opening ceremonies, the best athletes in the world competing on the biggest stage imaginable, quests for gold medals, and potential controversies. But behind the glitter and excitement of the 2008 Olympics, there is another story—a story that you likely won’t hear on TV.

On the streets of Beijing, China, several people during the Olympics are distributing AiG books and DVDs that have been translated into the Chinese language. It is our hope and prayer that many people from China and around the world will be transformed by the renewing message of the gospel. Because of the opportunity given by the Olympics, these people onsite are able to reach more than might have been possible otherwise.

Among the DVDs available are the new Chinese edition of Ken Ham’s Creation Miniseries and Dr. David Crandall’s message on reaching your culture for Christ. These DVDs were recorded in 2007 on the Pacific island of Saipan before a Chinese audience and then edited and produced this year. A video crew traveled with the AiG team and filmed the live-translation, and AiG has produced them for global use. As they are being provided, people are told that they can duplicate them as often as they like in China.

In collaboration with these efforts at the 2008 Olympics, AiG will also be posting these Chinese videos on our website so that even more may receive this important message. You can view a sampling of the videos on this page, and there will be more soon. Please be sure to share these videos with those who need them the most.

This Chinese translation is the second of 12 translations that will be produced so that we can reach the world with the message of biblical authority. Other Chinese translations of AiG material (as well as translations in many other languages) can be found on the Answers WorldWide website.

As the world joins and watches the events in China together, let us all remember to pray for God’s blessings on these efforts and to do all that we can to share the message about the eternal rewards that await those who believe.


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