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MinistryWatch.com has—for the third year in a row—honored Answers in Genesis for financial integrity, naming it once again as one of its yearly 30 “brightest shining light” ministries.

No, it’s not another humanist group or an inquisitive reporter with the secular media. This time it’s the highly respected organization, MinistryWatch.com.

This financial watchdog ministry has—for the third year in a row—honored Answers in Genesis for financial integrity, naming it once again as one of its yearly 30 “brightest shining light” ministries (see the press release from late last week).

The founder of MinistryWatch.com, Rusty Leonard, stated in his news release that “Answers in Genesis is truly one of the ‘best of the best.’ At a time when [U.S.] Senator Charles Grassley is calling on some of the worst organizations to live up to their minimum responsibilities of financial self-disclosure, we are pleased to recognize Answers in Genesis as a ministry that goes well beyond the minimum. The staff and supporters of Answers in Genesis can be justifiably proud of their fine organization.”

Mr. Leonard by the way, was profiled on ABC-TV’s 20/20 news program last spring over American television, explaining how his organization assists Christians in becoming better informed as they consider their gift-giving to ministries.

MinistryWatch.com’s list of 30 ministries is culled each year after examining the financial records of almost 500 ministries for which it has financial information (see its PDF article at http://www.ministrywatch.com/mw2.1/pdf/SL_Dec07.pdf).

Ken Ham, president of AiG, responded that, on behalf of the entire ministry, “we are honored to be recognized as a ‘shining light’ ministry for the third year in a row, and we attribute that to a leadership team and staff—and our board of directors—who truly seek to live lives that are pleasing to God. Our donors can trust that their gifts are being used prayerfully and with good stewardship as we assist believers in learning how to defend their faith.”

Rod Pitzer, Managing Director of Research for MinistryWatch.com, commented, “Making the selection is challenging, given the selfless work so many fine ministries do.” But he noted that the 30 top ministries were “exemplary” in these categories:

  • They have a legitimate non-profit ministry and purpose.
  • They earn a Transparency Grade of “A” from MinistryWatch.com.
  • They are unashamed of being identified as an evangelical Christian ministry.
  • MinistryWatch.com knows of no issue that would be of concern to donors.

We wish to point out, too, that AiG is a member in good standing with another financial accountability organization, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). With such organizations of high regard endorsing AiG’s wise use of donor gifts, we trust that it shows that you can give to AiG in confidence. As we end the calendar year, will you show your support for a ministry that God has used to proclaim biblical truths (and the gospel message most of all)—recognizing that we attempt to be wise stewards of what has been entrusted to us by our supporters? And, as always, we also appreciate your prayers.


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