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Summer refining, digitizing, the call for a new Reformation, free goods, and more!

Summer Refining

Summer means vacations, relaxing, and—this year—a number of small updates throughout our site. We’ve been busy refining the website and making the information you need more accessible. Here are just a few of the changes:

Front Page Shuffle

Last year, we introduced the new “super highway” at the top of the AiG family of sites. This year, we updated the look and functionality of that navigation menu—first on and soon to all of our sites. Take a look at the top of this page and get acquainted with the new look.

After many comments and suggestions, we also applied a “fresh coat of paint” to the front page. The navigation menu has been updated with new drop-down menus; the page has been reorganized to make it easier to read and find what you’re looking for; and the design itself has been spruced up with the goal of aiding readability and reducing clutter.

Finally, we also updated our website’s footer (the information at the bottom of every page on the site) to make it more useful. With the new footer, you can easily find the links that you’re looking for in an attractive, legible way.

Digital Answers

For years, everyone has had access online to the great articles featured in Answers magazine through our attractive website. However, since the articles are formatted for the Internet, they don’t have the same “feel” as the print version, which many prefer.

But thanks to some great new technology, we’re changing that. Now you can access all the articles you love from any computer connected to the Internet and still have the same format as the print version, including the ability to zoom in on the stunning photography, search the entire issue quickly, and follow links right from the pages. You can preorder it in our online bookstore.

What’s in Store for this Month?

State of the Nation with Ken Ham ‘09

In this exciting webcast, Ken Ham recounts the secularization of American culture, the abandonment of the biblical foundations of the USA, and explains why we are losing generations from the church. Also features the candid discussion session that followed with Ken Ham and Britt Beemer. DVD and video download available.

On Thursday night, June 25, Ken Ham, along with researcher Britt Beemer, made waves throughout the Christian world with a talk that challenged believers on every continent.

Based mainly on the findings in the new book Already Gone, Ken presented the disturbing evidence that young people are leaving the church in droves because of the lack of biblical authority. They walk away because the church won’t stand on God’s Word.

That talk set off a storm of controversy, but it also led many Christians to examine themselves and examine what the Bible teaches. Could this be the beginning of a new Reformation in the Church? We certainly hope so, as anything less could see the slow decay of Christian morality.

If you missed this excellent, game-changing presentation, you can still be a part of this return to biblical authority. Simply choose your method: download a high-quality video to your computer or purchase the DVD to share with your friends and family.

This is a presentation that every Christian must see.

Question of the Month

I’m looking for free content for myself and to share with others. Do you have any?

Although we do have a number of products for sale in our online bookstore, as this supports our ministry efforts, we also strive to give away quality materials for churches and individuals. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find—free of charge—on our site:

  • We publish at least one new article every day that addresses current issues, science news, Christian living, and other concerns. Our article archive is a great place for free information—or sift through the Get Answers section for even more. You can even use some of our materials on your own site; we ask, however, that you only publish one paragraph of our articles and link to the rest, as described in our Content Use Policy.
  • Looking for free media? Look no further than our media section for podcasts, videos, cartoons, and more.
  • Once we release a new issue of Answers magazine, we unlock the previous issue for anyone to enjoy for free. In fact, the archives are stocked with tons of great content.
  • Thanks to the generous support we receive, Answers in Genesis also offers two scientific journals online. Answers Research Journal offers a look inside the cutting-edge work being done by creation scientists, and Answers in Depth offers a detailed look at the world from a biblical perspective.
  • Each Thursday, we publish another free chapter from an online book. This serial publication method has allowed us to post about a dozen books and numerous booklets over the years, thanks to the gracious allowance of New Leaf Publishing Group. Check out our Online Books page to see a list—and come back Thursday for another chapter.
  • For those interested in teaching creation apologetics—or simply learning more—our site has a plethora of free materials just for you. There are slides and presentations, study guides and lesson plans, and even writing ideas.
  • Finally, for those seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Word, you’ll also find modernized daily devotionals from Charles Spurgeon to help you in your daily walk.

Our goal is to equip the Church and believers, which means getting the information out to the world.

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Did You Know?

According to our estimates, over 85,000 viewers attempted to watch Ken Ham’s “State of the Nation” address (some estimates push this above 100,000 for all those watching on various websites and satellite feeds). Although many were unable to view the event live because of technical difficulties on our site, as many as 12,000 have watched at least a part of the presentation from our site since then (as of July 1, 2009).

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