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Where Do I Start?

We often receive emails from new site visitors who want to know where to start. Some of them are new followers of Christ; some newly understand the Bible teaches a young earth; and some have simply never heard of us before. With that in mind, we wanted to take a step back from announcing new features to point out some of the best features for anyone who needs a quick tour.

First, we certainly hope you’ll take a few moments to look through the About Us section of the site. There you’ll find the background, beliefs, and core values that make Answers in Genesis “not ashamed” of the gospel and excited about the work we do. Also, you may want to look over our First Time Here? page for practical information about the site.

Once you’ve let us introduce ourselves, we have a number of foundational articles that explain the key issues involved with biblical authority, the age of the earth, and evolution. These will guide you as you explore the rest of the site:

From there, you’ll be ready to examine a number of issues with “biblical glasses.” You’ll be able to see past the rhetoric to the underlying suppositions and evidences. For further training, dive into the rich list of articles and answers provided in our Get Answers section. We cover everything from astrophysics to plate tectonics to Christ’s life and ministry.

If you learn better through audio-visual means, you can uncover some solid answers in our rich Media section. We’ve got videos available on a range of topics from death and suffering to dinosaurs to Neanderthals.

Beyond this—epecially for those with science backgrounds or interests—we have two journals dedicated to understanding the universe on the foundation of God’s Word, the Bible. Answers in Depth explores current news and discoveries and shows how they help us understand God’s world, and Answers Research Journal (a peer-reviewed science journal) presents original research from a biblical worldview.

Because so many news events happen each week, you can also count on the Answers in Genesis website to address the claims you hear on TV or read on news sites. Check back each day for relevant teaching, news analysis, and new research. On Saturdays you’ll find our popular News to Note column that breaks down many of the biggest stories and exposes the flawed thinking behind the headlines.

And as always, this montly column, InSite, is here to show you the newest features and projects from the web team at Answers in Genesis. See you in May.

In Store: Three Times the Answers

The New Answers Book 3

Do you have answers to the big questions about the Christian faith, evolution, creation, and the biblical worldview? The New Answers Book 3 will help you get equipped.

The New Answers Book 1 and 2 have both proven to be popular items on many families’ bookshelves. After all, each one contains dozens of pertinent, biblical answers to the most-asked questions of our time from trusted names in creation research. These easy-to-read books include helpful illustrations and thoughtful analyses and appeal to readers of all levels.

As great as these books are, however, there’s still one problem: people have even more questions.

If you’re a 1 Peter 3:15 Christian who wants to have an answer for a seeking world—or if you yourself have questons—The New Answers Book 3 (the last projected book in the series) will equip you. In these 35 thoughtful answers, discover what the Bible teaches about the Nephilim; understand the global warming debate; uncover the real history of Grand Canyon; and examine Tiktaalik, “vestigial” organs, and more.

As a set the three New Answers Books provide an excellent reference guide for defending the faith. Start—or complete—your collection today.

Question of the Month

Will you feature my site on your website?

Many of our readers have put together excellent and engaging websites, and we’re often amazed by the quality and thought that go into them. We applaud and encourage all efforts to declare the sovereignty of God and the authority of His Word on the Internet.

As a general rule, however, Answers in Genesis does not endorse many other websites on our site. This is mainly because we do not have the staff or resources to review the sites thoroughly enough to stand behind them as a ministry. On the other hand, we always enjoy seeing what our readers create—and invite you to share them with us.

Although we may not feature other sites, we hope that you will consider engaging the culture with your own blog or website and proclaiming the truth of Scripture.

(Have a question for InSite? Let us know! Be sure to mention that your question is intended for InSite.)

Did You Know?

About InSite

InSite is a monthly feature of Answers in Genesis that covers new features and content—as well as other useful tools and resources—on Written by the web team itself, InSite offers a bit of insight into the web philosophy and projects of the Answers in Genesis Internet Outreach department. Have a suggestion or other feedback about how our website works? Let us know! Miss out on last month’s edition of InSite? Take a look now!


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