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Updated 26 March 2004

on January 8, 2004

A response to the book banning effort against Grand Canyon: A Different View.

[NOTE: Here is an update since this web article was first posted … The news service (WND) is reporting (14 January) that the National Park Service (NPS) has received at least 2,000 emails about the attempt to ban the non-evolutionist book Grand Canyon: A Different View from Canyon bookstores. (Details about this growing controversy can be found below.) About half of the emails are from people who want the book removed—perhaps the NPS will “listen” to the pro-censorship groups and decide to ban the book.

While we sincerely thank the 1,000 people who have written to the NPS to protest this attempted book ban by prominent evolutionists, we are encouraging all AiG supporters to continue sending emails to the NPS Director (see the contact information below) and respectfully ask the Director: 1) that the book remain in the Canyon bookstores; and 2) because of its scientific content, the book should be in to the “natural sciences” section and not be placed solely in the “inspirational” section. You can also use some of the bullet points below in your email/fax to the director. When you write, please consider sending us a copy via email. Thank you.]

As we reported Tuesday on this website, a new book offering a non-evolutionist view of how the Grand Canyon was formed—featuring essays from four Answers in Genesis staff members (including AiG–US President Ken Ham) and nineteen other contributors—is the object of an intense book-banning effort by leading evolutionists. They have demanded that the Grand Canyon National Park remove the book Grand Canyon: A Different View from bookstores within the Park.

CNN reported yesterday (Wednesday) that the National Park Service in Washington, DC is “preparing to draft a letter telling Grand Canyon administrators the book makes claims that fall outside accepted science … so it likely won’t be restocked.” Meanwhile, The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that a compromise is being contemplated: the book may be moved from the natural sciences section of the bookstore to an “inspirational” one (which would thus downplay the book’s legitimate scientific message).

Here’s what you can do right now:

Because we don’t know what the Park Service will eventually decide, concerned taxpayers can write Ms. Frances Mainella, Director of the National Park Service in Washington, with their opinion. Here are some suggested “bullet points” to help you compose a polite, respectful yet firm email (or fax) to Director Mainella … today (writing a letter may be too late at this point):

  • Ask: Why shouldn’t Canyon visitors be allowed the choice to read this book and then decide for themselves which view of the Canyon’s formation is correct?
  • Nobody is forcing people to read the book and to accept its viewpoint—it’s only on a shelf in a bookstore.
  • Ask: Why is a book—just sitting in a bookstore—so threatening?
  • I don’t want our tax-supported park system to give in to censorship.
  • Many of the essays in the book are written by scientists with doctorate degrees who have also conducted serious research at the Canyon.
  • Ask: Even many evolutionists believe that much of the Canyon was formed by a lot of water over a short period of time—so why the effort to silence the book’s view?

Use 2 or 3 points above and then conclude with a comment like: “Please don’t allow censorship and book banning to occur.” Include your full name and address.

Send your email to NPS Director Frances Mainella, or send her a fax at 202-208-7889.1

In addition, you can call her office in Washington, DC at 202-208-6843 to leave a message such as: “I’m [your name] of [your city/state], calling to urge the director to stop possible book banning at the Grand Canyon. Please let her know of my concern.”

For more background information on this growing controversy to ban Grand Canyon: A Different View, read Tuesday’s web article, Geologists in an Uproar.

Thank you for writing or calling Director Mainella today! Also, using the handy “email to a friend” feature above, please forward this web article to a friend, your pastor, etc.


  1. You can also send a copy of your email or fax to her boss, the Secretary of the Interior, The Honorable Gale Norton (a member of the Bush cabinet). Send her an email, fax her at 202-208-6956, or call her at 202-208-7351.


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