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Every detail of the Creation Museum, no matter how entertaining and kid-friendly, serves a greater purpose—to help visitors better understand and enjoy their Creator. Just look at a few of the new additions to the Kneehigh Museum.

Kneehigh Ark Exhibit

ARK TRIVIA Test your knowledge as you help Noah build the Ark on a touch-screen kiosk. Seven kiosks ask questions that help guests, young and old, learn biblical truths.

The Creation Museum near Cincinnati isn’t just for grown-ups. Kids learn important concepts, too, as they explore interactive exhibits designed especially for them. A previous issue of Answers introduced the Kneehigh Museum, a series of exhibits designed especially for kids. In addition to the cave adventure, fossil fun, and the animatronic Noah mentioned then, the museum has added several new exhibits. Children (and adults) say they love the interactive kiosks, the touch exhibits, the lift-up signs, and the new Ark-bound robotic animals.

The interactive exhibits throughout the museum, combined with life-size dinosaur models, living exhibits, gardens, and more, make the museum a fun place for little people to learn about God’s creation and biblical authority.

—Stephanie McDorman, Creation Museum registrar

Kneehigh Ark Exhibit

LIFE ON THE ARK What animals are moving around in that cage? A few people have been fooled by the realistic critters in the Ark cage, but they are more than just cute extras. The two representatives of the marten/weasel family teach important concepts, such as the fact that Noah had to take only representatives of the animal kinds, not all the different species. The cages also include some labor-saving devices that Noah and his family may have used to care for all those live animals.

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