by Ken Ham on September 28, 2002

My mind recently went back 20 years to our office in Brisbane, Australia. I asked our artist Steve Cardno to illustrate an important concept for me. I told him that in my talks, I explain that there’s a connection between “molecules-to-man” evolution and moral issues like abortion, homosexual behavior and so on. I said that the more people reject God’s Word as the absolute authority, and the more they believe that man evolved and is thus accountable to no-one, the more they could justify any behavior.

While Christians could see the increasing rejection of Christian morality, as well as the growing acceptance of abortion and homosexual behavior, family breakdown (a “culture war”), etc., they couldn’t see the real foundational reason. Many Christians (zealous for the faith) were fighting only the issues (such as abortion), when in reality, these were just the symptoms of the real problem-the loss of Biblical authority, beginning with Genesis. We wanted to represent this artistically, and a castle illustration began to “evolve.”

For 30 years I’ve said: “If Christians just fight the moral issues, and don’t deal with the real foundational battle as to why society has changed, eventually the ‘culture war’ will be lost.” This is not to say that fighting the moral issues won’t do some good. Some will be convinced not to abort babies, for example. From a “big picture” perspective, however, society will continue to lose its once-Christian foundation unless the battle is fought at the foundational level.

As you battle for the authority of God’s Word, please think of AiG in your ministry giving. Your donation to this non-profit ministry will help continue the attack on the foundations of the enemy’s castle.


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