Computers are “Evil”!


When Ken Ham gives his presentations—which are embellished with lots of colorful graphics and photos—sometimes he has a problem with his computer. We’ve heard him mumble, “computers are evil!”  Of course, he couldn’t do without his computer—but as we all know, at times they can be very frustrating!

Over the last week, the AiG website experienced significant technical difficulties, which severely limited access. It’s just one of those things that happens in a fallen world using computers built by fallen humans being run by fallen people.  As we tell people, “The reason the AiG website had problems is due to sin!  And the answer’s in Genesis!”

We apologize for this interruption of our web outreach. However, we certainly have to praise the Lord that the main reason for these problems is that our website continues to grow at a phenomenal rate., the magazine site (, the public school outreach site (, the upcoming new museum site (which will be at, and other sites in the AiG family are all strategic parts of the ministry. We are now accessed from over 100 nations around the world.

While it greatly pleases us to see such tremendous interest in God’s Word, we now face some unique challenges in keeping up with the demand. In a manner of speaking, we outgrew our previous service, and we have moved our website to a new host.

Because of the problems, and knowing the website functionality would be limited for a few days, we took the time to make some giant leaps in terms of installing technologies that will make the site much better for the future. We are now back up and fully functioning (we hope!).  As a big thank you to all our supporters for being patient during this time, we will be offering you some super specials from our online bookstore—see the link below.

Over the next week or so, you may continue to notice some of our “growing pains” as we switch our website over from the old host to the new host. We ask for your patience and prayers during this transition. However, we believe that you will definitely be pleased with the results of this move. Here are some of the enhancements that will happen immediately:

  • All website searches should take noticeably less time and return much more relevant results.
  • There are more servers dedicated to our website, and this translates into a faster, more reliable experience for you.
  • There are several more layers of security around our bookstore (our bookstore has never been “hacked” in the history of AiG, and we’re committed to ensure that it never is).

We expect to return to our former online publishing schedule over the next few days and will continue to deliver the news and articles that you have come to expect.

So, no—computers aren’t evil (although they can be used for evil purposes); the computers that fallible man makes—we think—are fantastic, but they are nothing compared to the “living computers” that God made.

Tell your friends about one of the most popular Christian websites in the world:, and please pray with us during this time. Specifically, pray that the Lord will give the web team wisdom as they continue to get everything up and running and that all of the new servers come up and stay on-line without any problems.

Pray also for the museum staff, contractors, and volunteers as they prepare for the opening of the Creation Museum on May 28, 2007.  Also, pray for the administration of AiG as they continue to seek the Lord’s will during this crucial time.

So much is happening here at AiG that it is, as Ken Ham would say, “mind blowing!”  We deeply appreciate your patience, and your prayers.


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