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Would you know how to respond to the 10 basic questions every creationist should know?

Magazine Cover

What creature has the most complex vision system known to science? The eagle? The cat? Man? Believe it or not, it’s a shrimp! Instead of combining three colors to see all the variety of the visible spectrum as human eyes do, the mantis shrimp combines twelve colors. Read how this divine design is inspiring researchers to improve electronics on page 12 of the new issue of Answers magazine.

The April–June 2010 edition of Answers is full of startling and fascinating facts like this that will help affirm your faith and change your perspective on God’s role in the world. You’ll learn, for example, that:

Fire Ant

This fire ant has its sting extended, waving a drop of venom in the air. Photo © Alex Wild

  • God designed the alligator with solar panels on its back. Bumpy scales full of blood vessels draw in heat quickly to keep the alligator warm and give it energy to digest its food. Discover what would happen if the alligator’s solar panels stopped working.
  • Ants can select among many different chemicals to communicate with each other. An individual ant can lay down a long-term trail to help other ants find food. Or it can send out a mixture of short-term scents that declare there is an immediate need for help, where to meet up, and even what tools and personnel to bring to do a quick job.
  • Evolutionists have discovered that what appeared to be a terrible design flaw in horses—a hole in their leg at the point of greatest stress—is actually a source of strength. Read about what engineers studying this “flaw” found and how it increases the bone’s strength. See how this “flaw” may actually help improve construction of man-made machines.

And there’s much more in the issue to help you and your loved ones learn, grow, and get equipped to serve and honor the Creator.

10 Basics

So what about the “10 Basics” on the magazine cover?

Ten of Answers in Genesis’s top speakers and scientists came together to help create this collector-quality issue! The special “10 Basics” section focuses on the nuts and bolts of creationism (and, to a large part, Christianity) by summarizing ten basic truths that every modern Christian must clearly grasp if he (or she) is to effectively proclaim a truly biblical worldview in our skeptical world.

It’s easy to give basic answers to today’s most-asked questions about the Creator when you start with the plain teaching of Scripture.

You’ll also find articles on a wide variety of other helpful topics:

  • innovative ways that Christians are using the message of creation to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ from Haiti to the Galápagos Islands
  • wonders of the night sky that you can see this spring with nothing more than a good pair of binoculars (star charts by astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle are provided online exclusively for subscribers)
  • what researchers are learning from sea urchins about how to design sharp tools that never get dull
  • a tiny fungus that fires tiny cannonballs across the cow pastures of the world—at speeds up to 45 miles per hour!
  • Sea Urchin
  • how God designed the earth so that it could quickly remove the huge quantities of mercury that the Flood released into the environment—without killing all life
  • how we know that the catastrophic conditions of the Flood produced the beautiful rubies and sapphires that we enjoy today, a sparkling reminder of God’s judgment and mercy.

Plus, every issue includes ongoing, popular departments and columns, such as the following.

Kids Answers

Kids Answers—This issue’s free Kids Answers, included in the middle of every issue of Answers magazine, will excite children with amazing facts about ants. Did you know there are 16 million ants for every human on earth?


10 Basics Detachable Chart

Detachable Chart entitled “10 Basics Every Creationist Must Know”—This attractive 11x17 chart is great to hang on the wall of your schoolroom or Sunday school class. It recaps the main points from the feature section, summarizing in one handy place the key verses and information that answer the challenging questions of our day.

You’ll also benefit from relevant, Bible-based articles on Christian living for all believers of every age, along with specific advice for teens and parents, by Bill Jack, Tedd Tripp, Don Landis, and other respected authors.

If you don’t already receive Answers magazine, subscribe today. If you already subscribe, how about giving a gift subscription for your pastor, a relative, or a missionary family? Help reach the world with the truth of creation!


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