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Ark Tales

by Tim Chaffey

When you grow up as a “church kid,” it’s easy to get mixed up by inaccurate Bible stories you hear from others, rather than the truthful accounts from the Bible itself. This can lead to some serious misunderstandings. Have you or your children been misled by any of these widespread misconceptions about Noah’s Ark and the Flood?

Flood Tales from the Canyon

by Jeremy D. Lyon and Bill Hoesch

The Grand Canyon stands as an almost overwhelming monument to the power and reality of the worldwide Flood and its aftermath. Along with the geology, some amazing native American oral histories speak of a great flood, as well!

Yosemite Valley—Colossal Ice Carving

by Andrew Snelling

Beautiful mountains and breathtaking valleys adorn our planet. Each one speaks of God’s handiwork, but they were formed by water and ice in judgment, not creation. A creation geologist reveals insights about Yosemite National Park and the forces that created its awesome beauty in only a few hundred years.

Yosemite Valley

The sheer granite walls and flat valley floor at Yosemite Valley are telltale signs that glaciers once passed this way.

Solid Answers on Soft Tissue

by Brian Thomas

New evidences that confirm the biblical Flood seem to flow in constantly. Hardly a week passes without new reports of “soft tissue” discovered in fossils. This is exciting news for creationists! But we need to be careful to get our facts straight and focus on the indisputable, hard science.


lirtlon and Zoonar RF |

A peacock tail has no clear function other than to display beauty. Such exquisite beauty can be explained only if a designer added it purposefully. No observational evidence supports the alternative theory of sexual selection.

Beauty—The Undeniable Witness

by Stuart Burgess

Is “beauty” only in the eye of the beholder, or is it an undeniable witness for creation? Geology and fossils provide exciting confirmation of the Bible, but when we share evidences for creation, we can get so caught up in obscure details that we miss the obvious. God made His handiwork so clear that even a child can see it (Romans 1:18–20). The beauty of His work is inescapable—and a compelling witness to His existence.

Bacteria’s Unique Design—Pooling Resources

by Georgia Purdom

God designed even bacteria, and He created these often unappreciated “friends” to perform vital roles in every imaginable environment. To help them perform those roles, He gave them unique designs to share information, so they’re prepared for new challenges.

Alternate Flight Plan

by Donna O’Daniel

Not all birds fly. When we think of fowl, we think of flight. But that kind of thinking is too small. Along with birds of the air, God made birds that dash across the grassy plains and swim gracefully under the open sea!

One Book Is Sufficient

by Phil Johnson

With the evidence of our Creator’s handiwork all around us, some Christians read nature as a second Book from God, equal to the Bible. But while “the heavens declare the glory of God,” Scripture alone is a sufficient source of knowledge about God; nature is not.

Is Capital Punishment for Today?

by Russell Fuller

God’s design for the universe includes His purpose for human government and society. According to our enlightened age, the death penalty is barbaric, an embarrassing relic of the past, but what has God said? Is capital punishment for today? . . . Genesis has the answer.

Biblical Counseling—Common Cause with Creation

by Heath Lambert

The so-called “culture wars” have spilled into every field of study, not just origins. Heath Lambert, president of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, explains how his field faces the same core battle as creationists.

BIblical Counseling

And there’s much more. You’ll experiment with “blubber gloves” to see how animals can live comfortably in the Arctic cold; explore facial expressions, our unique universal language; and examine the opossum’s secret of survival. You also won’t want to miss inspiring stories of how other believers are making an impact for the gospel and tips on how you can improve your own outreach.

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