Answers Magazine Recognized for Excellence by the Evangelical Press Association

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The Answers magazine continues to win major awards in a crowded field of nearly 300 Christian publications.

Dale Mason

AiG’s Dale Mason, publisher of Answers magazine, spoke to the AiG and museum staff this week about the awards the magazine received recently.

As a relative newcomer for a magazine (only four years in existence), the Answers magazine continues to win major awards in a crowded field of nearly 300 Christian publications. At the annual Evangelical Press Association meeting last weekend in Dallas, Texas, the Answers magazine was recognized in five categories, including one of the EPA’s most prestigious awards—the Award of Merit.

Two magazines received an “Award of Merit” in the “general” category: Answers and Christianity Today. The highest “Award of Excellence” went to another well-executed magazine called Sojourners.

Award of Excellence

The four other awards, given out on the previous day:

Student Writer of the Year

Student Writer of the Year—1st place (“Wired for Extremes”)

Two-Page Spread Design

Two-Page Spread Design—2nd place (“Skin: Our Living Armor”)

Typography and Lettering

Typography and Lettering—4th place (“The Splendor of Thorns”)

Publication Design

Publication Design—4th place (for overall design)

The aim of our creation-based, worldview-training tool is to glorify the Creator and equip His people to stand strongly upon God’s Word in a chaotic world torn by conflicting philosophies.

Many hands are needed to produce a magazine, and all participants deserve some measure of credit—though all the authors, editors, and other staff and consultants give all the glory to our Maker, the giver of every good gift (James 1:17). Everyone involved is thrilled to be part of such a God-centered endeavor.

Student Writer of the Year

Article Layout

Dale Mason shows the layout of the Answers article that won first place in its category.

The magazine staff is especially beaming about the first-place award that went to Heather Brinson, a college student who volunteered her entire summer last year to help Answers magazine. She is an undergraduate at Clemson University in South Carolina, studying to become a science writer.

As a homeschooled student, she developed an intense passion for learning and promulgating a biblical worldview in all areas of life, including science. That desire led her to volunteer at Answers magazine.

Heather showed such impressive initiative, skill, and speed at assimilating new information and writing interesting articles that the magazine decided to give her an opportunity to try writing a feature article, “Wired for Extremes.”

Her professors were initially reluctant to let her work for a creation-based magazine, which is obviously counter to the evolutionary viewpoint at Clemson University and other secular schools. Yet they relented when she showed them the types of training opportunities she would get. Now it is clear that their trust in her was justified.

Along with the other privileges of working for the magazine, the staff enjoys mentoring and nurturing rising young talent. (But to be honest, Heather’s piece required very few edits; she clearly has a special gift.)

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