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When Harrison Craig landed his childhood dream job of building special effects for big-budget Hollywood films like Godzilla and Star Trek, he didn’t realize the Lord was preparing him for a more important task. His experience building miniature cityscapes and movie sets led to work designing themed exhibits for businesses, including several interactive science displays at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

While he was building these attractions and looking for ministry opportunities, Harrison learned of plans to build a full-size, evangelistic Ark in Kentucky; and he longed to be a part of the Ark team. In fact, he and his wife became so certain God wanted him to work on this unique project that they moved their family of seven all the way across the country a year before he was officially offered a position.

“We stepped out on faith because we knew that God delights when His kingdom is advanced and His name is exalted,” Harrison says, “and we knew that the Ark Encounter was a project that would do that. We came out trusting that the Lord would provide for us, and we wanted to be a part of making His glory known.”

God honored his commitment, providing his family’s needs for a year without ever dipping into their savings; and today Harrison is the lead technical designer for the Ark Encounter, which is scheduled to open in 2016.

God brought Dan Anderson to the Ark Encounter by a different route. Dan has 13 years of experience in the administration of a world-renowned zoo, including several years as point person for new construction. What could be better to prepare a believer for serving as director of operations at Noah’s floating menagerie? Overseeing the zoo’s development of a major facility from beginning of construction to opening day uniquely prepared him for his role at the Ark Encounter.

“If you had told me then that God was going to use that experience later, I would have laughed.”

The construction monitor position was a difficult one for Dan. He says, “If you had told me then that God was going to use that experience later, I would have laughed. But now as I look back I can see what God was doing.”

Dan’s commitment to ministry didn’t begin with a paid position. Long before he officially joined the Ark Encounter team, Dan put in countless hours of volunteer service, driving thousands of miles to assist them in multiple areas.

Harrison and Dan are just two examples of the many talented souls God has brought to serve in many diverse areas—art, design, research, building, grounds, and administration for the Ark Encounter. Just as He provided and empowered skilled artisans like Bezalel and Aholiab to build the tabernacle and its furnishings (Exodus 36:2), He prepares us and provides for every work He calls believers to, whether that work is large or small.

God is preparing each of us today for work He may not show us until years from now. All believers should think about the circumstances He has put them in and be looking for new ways to use those experiences in serving Him.

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