Ark Encounter on ABC–TV News . . . Tonight?

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The Ark Encounter is scheduled to be featured on ABC–TV’s newscast sometime soon, possibly tonight.

Diane Sawyer, anchor for the ABC–TV news program World News, has been airing a promo announcement today that AiG’s Ark Encounter will be featured tonight (Tuesday) on her evening newscast. The segment was originally to be broadcast Monday evening, but due to expanded news segments on tax cuts and the extension of jobless benefits, the Ark Encounter story—filmed Monday on the proposed property of the full-scale Noah’s Ark and also here at the Creation Museum—was bumped.

For a behind-the-scenes look at yesterday’s filming, read Ken Ham's blog.

Check your local listings for the ABC station in your area that carries World News with Diane Sawyer and also the time of broadcast. (See the ABC–TV news site.) Of course, late-breaking news could mean that the segment will be postponed again. Also, here is an article about the Ark project that appeared in yesterday’s New York Times.

Supporters have told us that the Ark Encounter was mocked last night on NBC–TV’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (As we write this, a video of the segment was not yet on the NBC website.) We’re told that in the comedian’s monologue, the Ark Encounter was mocked because it was going to depict dinosaurs being on the Ark. (Read our article on the topic.) Well, people probably mocked Noah, too, as he was building the Ark.

Even with some mocking coverage in the media, we are grateful to God for the wide media exposure.

The website for the Ark Encounter is


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