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on April 1, 2014
Featured in Answers Magazine

On February 27 the president/CEO of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, announced that enough money had been raised through a bond offering to start construction of the Ark Encounter project in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Ken praised God for His blessings throughout the bond offering process to help fund the full-size Ark, saying, “God in His providence supplied our needs.”

Recent global media coverage of the Ark project, as well as the Hollywood film Noah and Ham’s February 4 debate with Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” all helped bring the Ark Encounter to the world’s attention.

God brought in the necessary funding at just the right time,” Ken remarked. “Also, my high-profile debate has introduced even more people to our ministry, and I pray they will also support the Ark Encounter.”

The Ark Encounter will be built on 800 acres off I-75 in several phases over many years. The Ark itself, at an estimated cost of $73 million, will open during phase one.1 Groundbreaking is expected May 2014, and the opening will tentatively be in May 2016.

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  1. Some significant enhancements have been added to the first phase of the Ark Encounter, and so the initial phase will now cost $86 million.


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