Hi! My name is Rex, and I am a dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex! But don’t worry, I am actually friendly to kids, and I won’t eat you. Did you know T. rexes like me were not always so scary? Back in the Garden of Eden, all dinosaurs were friendly! Then after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, some of my relatives started eating meat, like I do.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts

Name means: “tyrant lizard king”

Size: 42 feet long, 13 feet high at the hips

Head size: skull over 4.5 feet long

Weight: 4–6 tons

Movement: walked on two legs, but more like a teeter-totter, with back horizontal

Special Weapons

When God made dinosaurs like me on Day Six of Creation Week, we ate fruits, veggies, and other plants—not meat. But after God cursed all of creation because of Adam and Eve’s sin, the world was not perfect and safe anymore. So, now I use my sharp teeth and other weapons to make me a good hunter.

My teeth are like railroad spikes and can be as long as 12 inches. I have excellent stereoscopic vision, helping me spot potential prey, and a good sense of smell. Do you think my arms are funny? They need to be light and small. If they were big I would have trouble balancing since my head is so heavy. I use them to help me get up off the ground.

Favorite Amusement Park Ride

I love the roller coasters. Any kind! I like them fast and scary, like me. My big legs and feet hold me tight in the seat, and I can raise my little arms up . . . I guess I must look funny!

Favorite Verse

People call me king, but I like to remember that God is the real King.

Who is this King of glory?
The Lord of hosts,
He is the King of glory.
(Psalm 24:10)

Learning About Dinosaurs

People often say we dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. I wanted to learn more about that! I know I was created on Day 6 with all the other land animals. Why do people think we are millions of years old? And they say we never lived at the same time as people. Of course we lived with people! We were created on the same day. Here are some of the things I read about to learn more:

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