Dinosaur Fossils

on September 12, 2008

What might have happened to the dinosaurs?

A fossil is discovered . . .

The evidence is in the present, but what happened in the past?

Fossil Dig Site Exhibit

This exhibit at the Creation Museum shows a fossil dig site.

A fossil is interpreted . . .

What might have happened to the dinosaurs?

According to the Bible, a massive flood covered the earth—Noah’s Flood, when God judged the world. All the dinosaurs (except the ones on the Ark) drowned and were quickly buried in dirt and mud. They are among many of the fossils that we discover today!

Just because I see something, doesn’t mean I know all about it.

Different scientists often come up with different answers to our questions. That’s because fossils don’t come with signs answering our questions. So we search the clues . . . but we must start with the Bible. It has a lot to say about the history of the earth. What we find confirms what God's Word tells us.


This Utahraptor was a magnificent animal! What did it look like? How did it behave? What animals were related to it? When did it die?


This issue of Kids Answers explores interesting facts about dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils, contains a pull-out dinosaur poster and more!

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