Coming and Going


Lesson 124

Jessie and her cousin Emily were playing with their dolls in Jessie’s room when her mom poked her head in. “I’ve got a special message for you, girls.” She held up a postcard, with a photo of a place with large beautiful flowers and palm trees and the ocean in the background. “Where do you think it came from?”

Jessie stood up from the floor to look more closely, and suddenly, she knew. “Hawaii!”

“Yes!” Her mom grinned. “And who do you think it’s from?”

Now Emily understood, too. “Gramma and Grampa!” they said together. Their grandparents had been on vacation for a whole week.

Jessie’s mom handed her the card to read.

“What does it say?” Emily looked on as Jessie read.

“We’ll see you all soon with a special gift for you! Love, Gramma and Grampa.”

Jessie and Emily looked at each other with mouths open.

“When are they getting back?” asked Jessie.

“On Saturday. And I have more news. We’re all going to pick them up from the airport together. How about that?”

The girls jumped up and down. “I can’t wait until Saturday!” said Jessie.

“Yeah,” said Emily. “This is the best news ever!”

Finally, when Saturday came, Jessie was standing in front of her bedroom mirror adjusting her hair bow when the doorbell rang— ding-dong!

“They’re here! They’re here!” Jessie shouted and as she ran to the front door and swung it wide for her cousins and their parents.

“Hey, Aunt Angela. Hi, Uncle Robert.” They both gave her a hug. Then she took Emily’s hand and the two girls jumped up and down together.

“Oh boy,” said Jeremy. “You two aren’t excited or anything, are you?”

“Of course we are,” said Emily. “Aren’t you excited to pick up Gramma and Grampa?”

“Yeah,” Jeremy replied. “I’m just not acting all goofy about it. Besides, I know you’re mostly excited about the gifts. I just want to see Gramma and Grampa.”

“That’s not true,” said Emily. “We both want to see Gramma and Grampa just as much as you do. But the gifts make it even better.”

“Come on in, Angela,” Jessie’s mom called from the kitchen, and Aunt Angela went to join her. Jessie’s dad and Uncle Robert started talking with Jeremy about sports.

“Isn’t it time to go yet?” asked Emily.

“I thought it was.” Jessie put her hands on her hips. “Let’s go ask our moms.”

The girls skipped into the kitchen only to find their moms seated at the table, sipping tea, as if they had all the time in the world.

“We thought it was time to go,” said Jessie. “We don’t want to be late to the airport.”

“Relax. We have plenty of time. We’re just visiting for a minute. Grandma and Grandpa’s plane doesn’t arrive for another hour—” Jessie’s mom was interrupted by the ding of her phone. She looked at the message and sighed. “Grandma says the plane is going to be an hour late.”

“Oh nooo!” both girls groaned.

“Go play for a little while, girls,” said Emily’s mom.

Jessie and Emily played with their dolls for what seemed like much longer than an hour then finally wandered back into the kitchen.

Jessie looked at the postcard on the refrigerator. “I wish I could go to Hawaii someday!”

Just then, there was another ding from her mom’s phone.

“Oh, my goodness!” Her mom laughed. “Their flight left on time after all. They’ve already arrived!”

“Whaaat?” the girls cried.

Jeremy ran into the kitchen. “What’s going on?”

“The first message was wrong,” said Jessie. “Now we’re going to be late to the airport!”

Their moms set down the teacups and rose from the table. “Guess we better get going, then!” said Jessie’s mom.

Because they were late, Jessie’s dad pulled up to the airport and let everyone jump out and run in to look for Grandma and Grandpa.

“I don’t see them!” Jessie panted as she jogged beside Emily, searching the groups of people waiting for their luggage.

Just then, a lady’s voice crackled over the airport announcement speaker, “Attention please. The grandparents of Jeremy, Emily, and Jessie are looking for their family. Please come to the front desk to find them.”

The three kids froze when they heard their names.

“Don’t worry kids. It’s Grandma and Grandpa telling us where they are.” Jessie’s mom led the way to the desk while everyone quickly followed until they spotted Grandma and Grandpa sitting next to a cart full of luggage.

Everyone rushed in for one big hug, and then they were all talking at once.

“When we get back to the house, we’ll dig out all the gifts,” said Grandma. “I know you’re anxious to see them.”

“Oh, we can wait,” said Jessie.

“Yeah,” said Emily and nudged her brother playfully. “Jeremy was right. The best part is seeing you and Grampa again.”

“Oh, how sweet,” said Grandma. “We’re glad to be back home! At least for now.” She gave Grandpa a knowing look.

“Now what does that mean?” asked Emily’s dad.

“We had such a good time that we decided to go back again next year,” said Grandpa. “But next time, we’re taking everybody with us.”

Jessie and Emily squealed and jumped up and down.

“Oh, brother!” Jeremy shook his head at the girls. “But I have to admit, that is pretty great news.”

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