Pregnant Moms and Kind Policemen


Lesson 125

Jessie’s dad smiled at everyone seated around the dinner table—Justin and Ellie and their parents—then gave a knowing look to Jessie and her mom. “We have a special announcement,” he said. Everyone held their breath.

Suddenly, Jessie’s mom couldn’t stand the waiting anymore. She popped up out of her chair and shouted, “We’re going to have a baby!”

“Oh! Wow! Congratulations!” Everybody shouted and hugged and shook hands.

“Hey, that’s neat, Jessie,” said Justin. “You’ll be a big sister.”

“Yeah, that’s right!” Jessie exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

Then she heard Justin’s mom say, “I hope it won’t be as crazy as the last time.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” asked Justin. “What happened last time?”

The two moms looked at each other and laughed. “You wanna tell them?” asked Jessie’s mom. “I’ll go get the book.” When she returned, she handed a large photo album to Justin’s mom.

Jessie and Justin sat down on the sofa. Justin’s mom squeezed in between them and opened the album to a page with two pictures.

“Hey, isn’t that us?” asked Justin.

“It sure is,” his mom replied. “Don’t you look cute?”

Justin peered at the picture of him as a baby. “I think I look goofy,” he said, making a funny face.

Jessie laughed. “And I look funny too with that bow on my bald head. Where’s all my hair?”

“Oh, you two were adorable,” said Jessie’s mom as she joined them on the sofa. “Even without hair!”

“Jessie, your birth actually brought our families together in a special way.”

Jessie’s eyes got big. “It did?”

“Yes,” said her mom. “You see, your dad and I moved into this house when I was expecting you, our first baby.”

Justin’s mom continued, “I knew I should go welcome the new neighbors. But I didn’t feel like it. Then I remembered the sermon about showing love to others, so I baked some muffins and brought them over. I was shocked when Bev opened the door. She and I were great friends in high school, but we’d lost track of each other for years!”

“I was so happy to see my friend Kristi, who was now my next-door neighbor! And, Kristi was expecting a baby, too. Guess who that was?”

“Me!” guessed Justin.

“That’s right! Kristi and I ate the muffins and told each other what we’d been doing over the years,” Jessie’s mom explained.

“We also talked about how excited we were to have our first babies,” added Justin’s mom.

“Kristi’s baby was due before mine,” Jessie’s mom explained. “We counted down the weeks and days with excitement.”

“Then, Bev called me one afternoon. She was panicked and said she needed to get to the hospital right away!”

“Where was dad?” asked Jessie.

“He was out of town for work, but I could tell my baby was coming, and fast!”

“I got Bev into the car and was speeding toward the hospital, when I heard a terrible hissing sound and saw steam rising from under the hood of the car!”

“Oh no!” Jessie covered her eyes.

“What’d ya do?” Justin asked.

“I pulled to the side of the road and turned off the car. I was afraid something would explode!”

“What were you doing, Mom?” Jessie asked with concern.

“I was praying for help!” admitted her mom. “And God answered. Kristi saw a police car going the other direction past us. She got out and waved and yelled, trying to get his attention. Then, about a minute later, I saw flashing lights coming from behind us. He had seen us and turned around!”

Jessie gasped. “Did you get a ticket?”

Justin’s mom chuckled. “No. The policeman came to help. I told him I had a pregnant lady, not me, who needed to get to the hospital, FAST.”

Jessie’s mom continued, “The policeman said he’d take us there. Kristi and I got into his car, and he turned on his lights and siren. Everyone got out of our way, and before we knew it, were at the hospital.”

“Cool!” Justin said.

“The nurses and doctors rushed Bev to a room to make sure you were all right, Jessie. I waited at the hospital, and your dad came a few hours later.”

“And Jessie was okay?” asked Justin, looking at his friend’s baby picture.

“Yep! Jessie came earlier than expected, and she was very tiny. But everything was okay. Without Kristi and the kind policeman, things could’ve been very different!” said Jessie’s mom.

“I got to hold you that night.” Justin’s mom smiled and hugged Jessie. “That’s when I became your Aunt Kristi.”

“Thanks, Aunt Kristi! That must have been scary driving my mom to the hospital and having the car break down,” Jessie said.

“God was in control. He brought the policeman at just the right time. Here’s the neat part. Guess what the policeman’s name was?”

“What?” said both kids.

“Justin!” said Justin’s mom. “So when I had a baby boy about two weeks later, I named him Justin after the kind policeman who came to our rescue.” She ruffled Justin’s hair.

“Several months later we went to get these pictures taken. We knew our families would be great friends!”

“And we are!” said Justin and Jessie together.

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