Justin & Jessie

Younger kids will enjoy the Justin and Jessie take-home sheets, including stories and coloring pages, that go along with Answers Bible Curriculum lessons.

Justin & Jessie Stories

  • Justin, his two-year-old sister, Ellie, and their parents hurried into the Christmas Tree Barn, excited to find the best Christmas tree.

  • When Justin and Jessie attend a funeral for their friend Mrs. Smith, they find out that it doesn’t have to be a sad time when someone dies, if that person knows Jesus.

  • Justin borrowed Matt’s favorite game and it accidentally got ruined. Justin can’t afford to buy a new one. How is he going to break the news to Matt?

  • Cookie was happily digging in a flower bed. Dirt was flying everywhere while an old man stood shaking his cane at the dog.

  • Justin and Jessie are in the Christmas play at school. Their neighbor Matt comes to see the play, but didn’t expect it to be like this! Find out what’s so funny.

  • As Jessie and Emily turned the corner, they saw something very strange—the Christmas tree was shivering. The branches shook and trembled.

  • Grampa is taking Justin on a surprise hunt for Thanksgiving. But how do they hunt thank-yous?

  • Justin looked at the numbers on the big clock in his school classroom. He wished they would hurry up so he could eat lunch.

  • Oh dear! Baby Jesus is missing from Jessie’s manger scene.

  • Last year, a pink star was all Ellie wanted. But this year she wants a snowman. Can she understand the true meaning of Christmas?

  • The kids stared at their parents, who were all holding gardening tools. “This isn’t what we usually do on Easter,” said Justin, frowning.

  • Chapter 1

    Justin needs a bath after building a super-duper sand castle, but the Bible tells us we all need a different kind of cleaning too.

  • Chapter 2

    “Wow!” said Jessie. “These binoculars make the clouds look so close. Hey! I wonder if we could see God up there.”

  • Chapter 3

    “Wow! Jessie, come see!” shouted Justin. “Where did they all come from? It’s like they just appeared.”

  • Chapter 4

    “I don’t understand it either,” said Justin. “But I believe it! ‘Cause that’s what the Bible says!”

  • Chapter 5

    “Owww!” yelled Justin as he tumbled to the ground. Justin learns the hard way that God’s Word will guide us—just like his flashlight is supposed to do.

  • Chapter 6

    “Ellie, no!” yelled Justin. Thanks to Justin’s little sister, Justin and Jessie learn what it means to preserve more than just strawberries.

  • Chapter 7

    “Can I play, too?” Justin and Jessie meet Matt, the new neighbor who says the Bible is too old for anyone to believe in.

  • Chapter 8

    “Do you like it? I completed your puzzle for you,” said Mom. Justin’s puzzle gets mixed up when he and Jessie learn what it means that the Bible is complete.

  • Chapter 9

    “You know,” said Dad, “some people don’t know they need Jesus because they haven’t heard the bad news yet.” Both of the kids looked up. “What do you mean?”

  • Chapter 11

    Jessie stopped short, exclaiming “What was that?” Jessie learns that even though there are difficult things in this world because of sin, God has a plan.

  • Chapter 12

    “Let’s be partners,” said Jessie. “Okay,” agreed Justin. They liked games, and this sounded fun: find something created on each day of Creation Week.

  • Chapter 13

    “How come there has to be a nighttime when I always have to quit,” grumbled Justin as he picked up his toothbrush. How could nighttime be a gift from God?

  • Chapter 14

    Jessie was eager to teach Freckles those wonderful tricks she saw. But she finds out how hard it is to train animals and why they can’t do what people do.

  • Chapter 15

    “Step, toss, step, toss,” Jessie said to herself. Jessie gets to be the flower girl in her aunt’s wedding and learns about the very first wedding—ever.

  • Chapter 16

    “Let’s be dinosaurs!” Matt shouted. But he believes the story about dinosaurs evolving over millions of years. How will he learn the truth about dinosaurs?

  • Chapter 17

    “Mr. Johnson’s old. I wonder if there were really 100 candles on his cake,” said Jessie. Justin and Jessie find out about some big birthdays in the Bible.

  • Chapter 18

    Justin jerked up on his fishing pole. “I think I got one!” Justin goes on his first fishing trip with his dad and learns about good stewardship.

  • Chapter 19

    Jessie turned to see Justin running into the room. He had a huge smile on his face. But suddenly he screeched to a stop. “What did you DO?!” he yelled.

  • Chapter 21

    Justin helps his dad clear the area to build his new fort and finds out about “Pokes & Prickles”—the hard way.

  • Chapter 22

    Jessie learns that even if she tries to trick her mom, God always knows what’s in her heart.

  • Chapter 23

    Uh oh! What did Ellie do? Justin and Jessie learn about the only way to cover sin—and stains in “Covering the Smudge.”

  • Chapter 24

    Justin and his dad finish the fort—just in time—in “Sudden Storms & Slippery Slides.”

  • Chapter 25

    Justin is so confused! Everyone keeps using the word mercy. Will Justin ever find out what mercy means?

  • Chapter 26

    When a thunderstorm hits, Justin and Jessie are worried there might be another flood like Noah’s. But the kids learn about God’s rainbow promise.

  • Chapter 27

    Justin and Jessie have great fun at the zoo feeding giraffes and looking at tigers and bears. But they wonder how Noah could fit all the animals on the Ark.

  • Chapter 28

    Justin and Jessie visit the Ice Age exhibit at the zoo. But is it true what the signs say? Were these animals really living a million years ago?

  • Chapter 29

    Justin learns that just because a person speaks in a different language doesn’t mean what they’re saying isn’t important.

  • Chapter 31

    Justin is invited to meet two kids from another country—and he’s sure it’s going to be scary. Find out what really happens when he meets Chika and Udo!

  • Chapter 32

    When Jessie’s uncle loses his job and his family has to move, no one knows what will happen. They just have to trust God.

  • Chapter 33

    Jessie’s cousin Jeremy is worried. He has to move away from his school and his friends on the soccer team. But what will happen in the new place?

  • Chapter 34

    Justin has to choose: should he wait for Mom, or should he believe Matt and eat some of the warm, chocolatey cookies piled high on the kitchen counter?

  • Chapter 35

    Jessie ran into the kitchen to see what was making all the noise. Oh no! Freckles was up on the counter—and he was eating the banana bread!

  • Chapter 36

    “Come here, Jessie,” Justin said as he led the way into the family room. “See what I’m going to build?” He showed her the picture on the box.

  • Chapter 37

    Emily’s dad just wants to help out at Emily’s birthday party. But he doesn’t know the whole plan. Will he ruin the party?

  • Chapter 38

    In “Plain Rice & Piggy Banks” Jessie can help the missionary or buy her doll. Which will she choose to do?

  • Chapter 39

    Jeremy loves soccer! Now he may have to choose between two different teams. Find out how God helps Jeremy make the right decision.

  • Chapter 41

    Justin and Jessie frowned at each other. They both had a heavy, sick feeling in their stomachs.

  • Chapter 42

    All week long, Jessie tried to keep Freckles out of trouble.

  • Chapter 43

    Justin woke up on Saturday morning. This was going to be a great day.

  • Chapter 44

    Jessie went up to her room to get her doll ready to visit Emily’s house. The girls enjoyed having tea parties and dressing their dolls in fancy clothes.

  • Chapter 45

    Justin watched from the front porch while everyone talked about Ellie.

  • Chapter 46

    Jessie woke up feeling super tired. Her head hurt, and her nose was stuffy.

  • Chapter 47

    Justin felt anxious. Would he get an award?

  • Chapter 48

    As he turned the corner, Matt got a huge surprise! Water balloons came from everywhere.

  • Chapter 49

    Justin couldn’t wait for dinner. His parents said they had a gift for him before he started school next week.

  • Chapter 51

    Justin looked out the window. This road scared him a little because it was so skinny with a big ditch on either side.

  • Chapter 52

    Only a few students would have speaking parts for parents’ night, and one of those students was Justin. Justin’s hands felt sweaty as he waited for his turn.

  • Chapter 53

    Jessie jumped out of the car and turned to her cousin Emily. This was going to be a great camping trip with her cousin’s family!

  • Chapter 54

    Rules are important, especially around a swimming pool. If you follow the rules, you will stay safe, so listen carefully.

  • Chapter 55

    Matt’s dog, Penny, ran away. Will they find her?

  • Chapter 56

    I don’t like leftovers. Why can’t we have something good, like pizza or hot dogs?

  • Chapter 57

    Coveting is a serious sin. It’s when we get greedy and feel like we can’t be happy unless we have something that belongs to someone else.

  • Chapter 58

    All that week, Jeremy couldn’t stop thinking about soccer. All he wanted to do was play soccer.

  • Chapter 59

    Mom is going to love ooey, gooey, chocolatey cookies for her birthday.

  • Chapter 61

    Justin has a sharp pain in the back of his mouth, so Mom takes him to the dentist.

  • Chapter 62

    Is playing tricks on the babysitter a good idea? Justin and Jessie find out.

  • Chapter 63

    Wouldn’t it be cool if dogs could talk? Matt find out about a biblical donkey that did talk!

  • Chapter 64

    Can Justin and his friends retrieve the treasure, as the dads are guarding it?

  • Chapter 65

    Justin and his class walk to the park during school, as they learn about memorial statues.

  • Chapter 66

    Why was everyone asking Justin to do strange things?

  • Chapter 67

    Justin and Jessie break Mom's favorite vase. Instead of telling her about it, they decide to hide the vase.

  • Chapter 68

    Justin is afraid of the dark. Will he be able to sleep overnight at Jeremy’s house?

  • Chapter 69

    Ellie says she is sorry a lot, but does she really mean it?

  • Chapter 71

    Jessie is outnumbered when she has to take care of her neighbor’s three cats and a hamster. What will happen?

  • Chapter 72

    Jeremy promised to help Justin with soccer practice, but trading cards are getting in the way.

  • Chapter 73

    Justin finds a dog. Will he be able to keep Cookie?

  • Chapter 74

    Justin has to help his mom in the church nursery, but what if all the babies cry?

  • Chapter 75

    There was garbage everywhere—slimy banana peels, wilted vegetables, brown apple cores, and stinky stuff that was splattered on the side of the house.

  • Chapter 76

    Justin learns that God looks past all the outside stuff to see deep down in our hearts.

  • Chapter 77

    Emily and Jessie are scared to go outside and play, because of giant bees.

  • Chapter 78

    Matt wants to hang out with his big brother, Craig. But when Craig and Dan ask Matt to do something wrong, he learns what it means to be a true friend.

  • Chapter 79

    Jessie wants to take revenge, since Olivia tripped her. But what does the Bible say about mercy?

  • Chapter 81

    Justin and Jessie were off on their adventure. This was the first time the two families had ever gone on a long trip together.

  • Chapter 82

    Jessie turned to see a fat, round chipmunk sitting on the table with bread crumbs scattered all around him.

  • Chapter 83

    Justin broke a snow globe and does not want anyone to know. What happens when he decides to blame it on Ellie?

  • Chapter 84

    Jessie loves her new hairdo so much that she doesn’t want to mess it up. Will she miss out on all the fun at the amusement park?

  • Chapter 85

    Justin is worried that he sounds like a squawking monkey when he sings. What will people think?

  • Chapter 86

    It doesn’t seem fair that Emily cleans the garage, yet Justin receives a gold star for doing it.

  • Chapter 87

    The kids are excited for the church picnic and Justin learns an important lesson about worship.

  • Chapter 88

    Ellie lost her favorite stuffed animal. Will she be able to find Brownie Bear?

  • Chapter 89

    Matt wants Justin to watch a scary movie that has bad language. What will the boys decide?

  • Chapter 91

    Matt says that good guys are wimpy and Justin wonders if this is true.

  • Chapter 92

    Justin stared at the cloud. It seemed to be glowing, then blam! A streak of lightning flashed from the cloud.

  • Chapter 93

    Jessie practiced her pirouettes every day after school. Soon it was time for the girls to perform the ballet for their parents.

  • Chapter 94

    Jeremy was frustrated. He didn’t want to clean up someone’s yard. Why should he help? He didn’t know them—they didn’t even go to his church!

  • Chapter 95

    Jeremy bent down to pick up the soccer ball. He looked up and saw his neighbor standing on the porch. Mr. Feester lifted up his cane and shook it at Jeremy.

  • Chapter 96

    Justin’s dog, Cookie, won’t obey. Will Dad let Justin take Cookie to obedience school?

  • Chapter 97

    Justin is excited about fishing with Dad and Grampa, but he isn’t excited about listening to instructions.

  • Chapter 98

    Jessie doesn’t want to do her chores. She just wants to play with Emily—every day!

  • Chapter 99

    Ellie broke Justin’s new castle that took so long to build. Can he forgive her?

  • Chapter 101

    Will Justin be chosen for more classroom responsibilities if he learns to obey?

  • Chapter 102

    Are there monsters in Emily’s closet? She is convinced there are.

  • Chapter 103

    Justin wants to eat his picnic lunch on a blanket in the grass, but his mom thinks it will rain.

  • Chapter 104

    Jessie cannot wait for Olivia’s birthday party on Saturday!

  • Chapter 105

    Making a volcano for a science experiment is hard. Justin and Jessie feel like quitting.

  • Chapter 106

    Ellie has problems listening to instructions and obeying.

  • Chapter 107

    Jeremy, Justin, and their friend Udo were practicing for a big soccer game.

  • Chapter 108

    While at Justin's band concert, Emily wonders what it would be like to have people clap for her at a concert.

  • Chapter 109

    Matt decides to trust Jesus as his Savior. What will his mom and brother think?

  • Chapter 111

    Justin and Jessie learn when to use the word "awesome."

  • Chapter 112

    Jessie and her mom go through the attic. What will they find?

  • Chapter 113

    Justin and Jessie want to go to a new amusement park. Will their parents take them?

  • Chapter 114

    Jessie is having a bad day, but is it bad luck or God's will?

  • Chapter 115

    Jessie and Ellie have some bad habits. Will they be able to break them?

  • Chapter 116

    Jeremy goes on a mission trip to Mexico and meets a new friend.

  • Chapter 117

    Matt's brother and his brother's friend Dan keep teasing Matt for being a Christian.

  • Chapter 118

    Justin stays up too late on a Saturday night, but then he falls asleep in church!

  • Chapter 119

    Justin and Jessie spend time with their friends and look back on God's blessings.

  • Chapter 121

    Justin and Jessie attend the town's acorn festival with their families.

  • Chapter 122

    Justin and Jessie find an old treasure map. Where does it lead?

  • Chapter 123

    During a picnic at the park, Justin and Jessie see something scary.

  • Chapter 124

    Jessie and her cousin Emily wait for their grandparents to get back from vacation.

  • Chapter 125

    Justin and Jessie gather with their families, and Jessie's mom has a very special announcement!

  • Chapter 126

    Jessie and her family go shopping for things for her new baby brother.

  • Chapter 127

    Everything changes in Jessie's house after her baby brother Mikey is born.

  • Chapter 128

    Justin and Jessie go strawberry picking with their families, but something goes wrong!

  • Chapter 129

    Justin and Jeremy spend some time together after their soccer game and watch the younger kids play.

  • Chapter 131

    Jeremy and Emily struggle with temptation, but the Bible has the solution.

  • Chapter 132

    Jessie wonders what it means to follow Jesus. Does she have to go anywhere, or can she follow Jesus right where she is?

  • Chapter 133

    Justin is angry with his friends, but is it okay to be angry if Jesus got angry too?

  • Chapter 134

    Emily hears a scary noise in the middle of the night, and wakes her brother Jeremy to ask what it is.

  • Chapter 135

    Justin and Jessie meet a new friend at kids' club. Together the three of them act out a skit.

  • Chapter 136

    Jessie and Olivia try to sell treats to raise money for their ballet studio, but will anyone buy anything?

  • Chapter 137

    Emily is sick with the chicken pox, and Jeremy learns a lesson about compassion.

  • Chapter 138

    When Justin and Jeremy invite some friends to kids' club, will it go well or turn into chaos?

  • Chapter 139

    When Daniel starts to act funny during class, Justin steps up to help.

  • Chapter 141

    Justin is frustrated with Ellie, but he learns a lesson about not speaking out of anger.

  • Chapter 142

    Jessie is worried about a local burglar, so she and Justin set up a trap to protect her home.

  • Chapter 143

    Mrs. Pringle teaches Emily's class about being polite, but Emily still has a lot to learn.

  • Chapter 144

    Baby Mikey won't stop crying, so Jessie and her mom try to figure out what's going on.

  • Chapter 145

    Justin and Jessie go to the apple orchard with Justin's family.

  • Chapter 146

    Matt offers to help Craig weed the flower garden if Craig goes to church with him. Will Craig keep his word?

  • Chapter 147

    Justin and Jessie go fishing with Jessie's dad. Will they catch anything?

  • Chapter 148

    Emily's mom tells her she can invite Jessie over for a sleepover, but Jessie isn't sure what to pack.

  • Chapter 149

    Something smells really bad in Justin's room. What could it be?

  • Chapter 151

    Justin and his dad build a doghouse for Cookie.

  • Chapter 152

    Jessie's class gets to dress up as animals for class, but Jessie is so excited she doesn't listen.

  • Chapter 153

    When a storm makes the power go out at Justin's house, the kids get spooked. When will the lights come back on?

  • Chapter 154

    Emily has trouble reading. When her mom suggests going to the eye doctor, Emily worries about getting glasses.

  • Chapter 155

    A surprising good samaritan helps out Justin when he crashes his bike.

  • Chapter 156

    Ellie gets a new pet hamster, but the next morning little Butterscotch is nowhere to be found. Where did he go?

  • Chapter 157

    Emily's family wants to go see a movie, but Dad is delayed by the rain.

  • Chapter 158

    Jessie learns a lesson about being kind and humble during prayer.

  • Chapter 159

    Justin and Jessie's families go to a parade, but there are too many people to see anything.

  • Chapter 161

    Justin’s soccer team, the Tigers, was playing a big game today.

  • Chapter 162

    The girls sat on the sofa in Emily’s living room and pulled out the scarves they had been working on.

  • Chapter 163

    What is the most favorite food that you can remember?

  • Chapter 164

    The girls fall asleep on the job and make a mess of things.

  • Chapter 165

    Jessie wonders if she can still be friends with Justin after he messes up their school report.

  • Chapter 166

    Mom stepped back with a sigh of satisfaction to admire the beautiful cake she’d been working on almost all afternoon.

  • Chapter 167

    Matt burst out of his house and darted across the street to Justin’s house. He couldn’t wait to tell his friend the good news!

  • Chapter 168

    Why can’t Justin remember to turn in his homework?

  • Chapter 169

    Mrs. Jacobs has a special announcement for the class.

  • Chapter 171

    Emily stared at the package. “It must be my robot dog!”

  • Chapter 172

    Mrs. Jacobs is back from Japan!

  • Chapter 173

    Jessie tried to speak, but she sounded like a croaking toad.

  • Chapter 174

    Emily turned to look at Jeremy, but to her surprise, the person standing behind her wasn’t Jeremy at all.

  • Chapter 175

    What happens when the Kids’ Club pool party is cancelled?

  • Chapter 176

    Jessie wants to borrow Emily’s robot dog for show and tell at school.

  • Chapter 177

    How can Justin earn money to help missionaries from China?

  • Chapter 178

    Does Mikey really need his pacifier?

  • Chapter 179

    Ellie is having trouble sleeping in her new bed.

  • Chapter 181

    Craig and Matt learn about working without complaining.

  • Chapter 182

    Jessie is excited to dance in a ballet, but why does her dad leave the room partway through her performance?

  • Chapter 183

    Jessie just wants to have a lazy day, but what happens when she reads her mom's text messages?

  • Chapter 184

    Justin and Jeremy learn a lesson about wolves, truth, and the Bible.

  • Chapter 185

    Jessie is excited to help out at church, but she's disappointed with the job given to her. After an injury, she realizes every little job matters.

  • Chapter 186

    Justin's dad receives an inheritance from his great uncle Colby.

  • Chapter 187

    When Justin's class goes on a field trip to city hall, he gets a chance to talk to the mayor about Jesus.

  • Chapter 188

    Justin goes fishing with his dad, but everything seems to go wrong.

  • Chapter 189

    Jeremy wins a signed jersey from his favorite soccer player, but then something starts to stink.

  • Chapter 191

    Justin's family takes Jessie to the fair, but it looks like it's going to rain. Will Justin and Jessie be able to ride the Whirlygig?

  • Chapter 192

    Jessie and her dad go to a pool party, but Jessie doesn't remember to pack everything they need for the day.

  • Chapter 193

    Justin, Jessie, and Ellie play Shopping Store, but what happens when Ellie tries to use play money at a real store?

  • Chapter 194

    Emily works on practicing her Bible verses and riding her bike. Will she be able to ride without her training wheels?

  • Chapter 195

    The kids make sandwiches, but Justin and Jeremy have some interesting opinions about what goes on a sandwich.

  • Chapter 196

    Justin and Jessie's classmate William misses a week at school, and the kids wonder if they can do anything nice for William or his family.

  • Chapter 197

    Justin gets a bad grade on a spelling test, and Jessie doesn't respond kindly. Upset, they both offer up prayers to God.

  • Chapter 198

    Justin and Ellie are excited to ride in their dad's new car, but will they be ready to go when he comes home?

  • Chapter 199

    Emily decides to make a necklace to give to her mom for her birthday.