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In late 2010 we published the first of what we hope will be a several-volume series entitled Demolishing Contradictions. To date this book has been very well received. The intended purpose of this series is obviously to answer people’s questions about supposed contradictions in the Bible. After all, if the Bible is God’s revelation to man, it should not contain any errors.

Skeptics often point to one or more of these supposed errors to show the Scripture cannot be trusted and to cast doubt or the authority of the Word. Then the world mocks the Christian, saying, “See, I told you the Bible could not be trusted!”

Often these “contradictions” are merely due to reading into the text something that is not there, or not fully reading what is there. Nonetheless, there are answers to these “contradictions,” and we hope to deal with many, many of these as this series progresses over the months upcoming.

This morning I submitted my three chapters for review and editing. We pray it will help strengthen your faith in the Word of God.

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