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Wednesday Morning at the Apologetics Mega Conference


Wednesday will be a short day at the Apologetics Mega Conference since there is only a morning session. During the afternoon and evening, attendees will visit the Creation Museum.

Dr. Terry Mortenson: Ape-men, the Grand Illusion

Terry Mortenson

Dr. Terry Mortenson shows how all of the supposed ape-men are either fully man, fully ape, or fully hoax.

Dr. Terry Mortenson is a popular speaker and author with Answers in Genesis. He has authored The Great Turning Point and Coming to Grips with Genesis. He delivered the first talk of the morning and he focused on the various alleged missing links between ape-like creatures and humans. Each of the following so-called ape-men have turned out to be either fully ape, fully man, or fully hoax:

  • Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) – fully ape
  • Lucy’s “daughter” – fully ape
  • Neanderthal – fully human
  • Piltdown Man – hoax (50-year-old orangutan bones that were tampered intentionally mixed with 600 year old human bones)
  • Nebraska Man – hoax, built from the tooth of an extinct pig
  • Boxgrove Man (1994–1995) everything found (two teeth, shin bone, stone tools) was clearly human, but the reconstruction showed a creature fully human from the neck down, but with an ape-like head.

The fossil evidence shows that these bones and bone fragments belonged to creatures that were either fully ape (or pig) or fully human. The best evidence for these alleged ape-men is in the artwork.

Dr. Mortenson concluded by telling the audience these four possible ways to make an ape-man:

  • A few human bones + imagination
  • A few ape bones + imagination
  • A few ape bones + a few human bones + imagination
  • A few ape bones + file and other tools + imagination

Dr. David DeWitt: The Illusion of Evolution

David DeWitt

Dr. DeWitt explains the illusion of evolution.

Dr. DeWitt is the director of the Center for Creation Studies at Liberty University and author of Unraveling the Origins Controversy. He holds a BS in biochemistry and a PhD in neuroscience. In his first talk of the conference, Dr. DeWitt focused on biology and showed how the supposed evidence for evolution in this field makes far better sense when viewed from a biblical worldview.

For example, homology, the study of similar anatomical structures, is often presented in the textbooks as proof of evolution. Not only are some of the illustrations exaggerated to make them appear more similar, these structures can also be explained from the biblical worldview because all things were made by a common Designer.

Bodie Hodge: Genesis and the Christian Faith

Bodie Hodge

Bodie Hodge explains the biblical worldview through the Seven C's of World History.

Bodie Hodge holds a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering. He developed a new method of production of submicron titanium diboride so that this material could be made cheaper, faster, and with higher quality. Bodie oversees AiG’s Correspondence Department and speaks regularly in the Creation Museum Speaker Series. He is the author of Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs and Satan and The Fall of Satan: Rebels in the Garden.

Bodie gave an overview of Scripture using the Seven C’s of World History as an outline:

  • Creation (God made everything in six days about 6,000 years ago)
  • Corruption (The first man and woman chose to rebel against their Creator)
  • Catastrophe (The Creator judged the world with a global Flood and spared those on board the Ark)
  • Confusion (Man rebelled again and God caused them to scatter by confusing their languages)
  • Christ (The Creator became one of us and taught us how to live)
  • Cross (The Creator died on the Cross for our sins)
  • Consummation (The Creator will fix the problems we have caused)

Notice how four out of the seven major events are found in the early chapters of Genesis, yet so many people ignore these foundational chapters. Believers need to learn to develop a biblical worldview, which is firmly rooted in Genesis. This is one of the reasons it is so important to take a stand on God’s Word, particularly in Genesis. It is foundational to the gospel and the biblical worldview.

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