Most-Asked Questions About the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on July 28, 2019
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When I travel and speak, or when I am meeting guests here at the Creation Museum or at the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky, I am asked many of the same questions about our two world-class Christian themed attractions. Here are some of the most-asked questions and our exciting new way to answer them:

  1. We need more time than one day to experience everything at these attractions. How can we do this?
  2. We would love to regularly bring our children and/or grandchildren to the remarkable playgrounds. Is there a way to do this?
  3. Can we come to the Ark so we can just eat at that phenomenal buffet at Emzara’s?
  4. Our kids love animals. Can we visit the zoos at both locations on a regular basis?
  5. Are we able to come during the year so we can take in programs at the Answers Center and Legacy Hall?
  6. I would also love to come to the Creation Museum and stroll through the spectacular gardens during the year. Is this possible?

Well, we listened to you and have recently released new ticketing options that I encourage you to take advantage of. Don’t pass up the opportunity to fully enjoy the attractions. Our new options/passes include:

  1. Explore More tickets. These tickets, included free with your paid admission to either the Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum, give you access to the facilities of the same attraction (e.g., playgrounds, zoos, gardens, presentations, etc.) on a second visit. This excludes touring the inside of the Ark and the Creation Museum's walk-through, which you would do on your first visit.
  2. Combo passes. Enjoy both attractions in one visit with a combo pass and enjoy Explore More tickets for both attractions. This allows you to come back a second day at each (excluding touring the inside of the Ark and the Creation Museum's walk-through).
  3. Annual passes. These include unlimited visits for a year to both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. It also includes free parking. Enjoy the playgrounds, gardens, zoos, presentations, concerts, and more! The Annual passes include entrance to one ticketed major Answers conference a year. These passes give you great flexibility. Even if you are only visiting our Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, this still may be the best option for you individually or your family.

To obtain all the details, go to or

I would also encourage people to do this at the very minimum:

Visit the Ark in Williamstown one day and take your time going through all the exhibits. Then come back the next day with your free Explore More tickets, relax, and spend time at the Ararat Ridge Zoo, enjoy live animal programs, play on the playground with your kids or grandkids, and take in Answers Center programs (presentations, movies, concerts, etc.). Or take the opportunity to have a camel ride or do one of the many zip line tours that cross the valleys (there is an additional charge for these two).

Then 45 minutes away in Petersburg, spend one day at the Creation Museum taking your time to enjoy the exhibits and spectacular new 4D theater. After that, come back the second day, using your free Explore More tickets, and enjoy the gardens, playground, the animal encounters, and take in programs in Legacy Hall. You can also do one of the very popular zip line tours (there is an additional charge for riding the ziplines).

So yes, many people are now spending four days at our two attractions to take in all they offer!

Make the most of your visit to these God-honoring, family-friendly Christian attractions. There’s nothing like them anywhere else in the world! Don’t forget, check out our new ticketing options and passes. Don’t pass up all you can do!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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