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For the last seven years we have put out a high-quality—and now quite popular—Vacation Bible School (VBS) program that teaches children to love Jesus and to defend their faith. Like all AiG resources, it has an emphasis on biblical authority, the gospel, and the teaching of apologetics so that young people will learn to defend the Christian faith. It is an exciting undertaking and we praise God for His grace in enabling us to produce materials that help to strengthen, encourage, and guide children to Him.

This year’s theme, International Spy Academy: Agents for the One True God, was a resounding success—our best-selling VBS so far! We are going to be greatly increasing the amount we publish next time due to the higher-than-expected demand. Thousands of kids across the country have learned there is only one true God and all others are counterfeits. And they also learned about the salvation from sin that comes only through the one true Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Kids—and their teachers—loved the new VBS features that we introduced into International Spy Academy. We added science experiments to be used in addition to (or instead of) the crafts, and they were a big hit! Kids love to learn! We received so much outstanding feedback:

We just wanted to let you know that the science experiments were a HUGE hit with our kids! The cornstarch and water was their favorite. We would love to see more of these in the future. Thank you for putting out quality programs year after year. We can’t wait for Camp Kilimanjaro next summer!! –Stefani K.
We also introduced memory verse songs to help the kids learn each day’s theme verse. I always remember a specific verse of Scripture we taught our own kids so that they would know the importance of learning God’s Word:
Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. (Psalms 119:11)
These VBS songs were exciting and upbeat and helped kids memorize Scripture in an easy, fun way. We emphasize Scripture memory in our VBS programs because that's what is important—getting the truth of God's Word into the hearts and minds of children. We loved hearing these reports like the following:
Most of our children knew the memory verses due to the repetition in crafts and music. –Kathy R.
We had an awesome week with lots of great stories. My favorites are the responses to the memorizing memory verses! Best addition ever Jumpstart3 scripture songs! I didn’t get to teach the motions to the songs this year but we played the songs every opportunity we had and kids would run up to me before and after assemblies reciting verses! The Scripture songs were a home run! –Lynette R.
And the third new area was our partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund for the “mission moment” in VBS. I'm thrilled that VBS kids raised enough money to provide over 540,000 meals to hungry children around the world, which means those children also get to hear the hope of the gospel message from the pastors who deliver their meals! Think about that for a moment.  At our suggestion, those who are running our VBS program, took up offerings and provided over half a million meals to hungry children around the world! Wow!

And the responses keep rolling in:

This is the first VBS that suggested having a Prayer Team. I sent requests to them every week, and I could see the power of prayer. It was awesome. . . . The kids grasped the theology that was presented. . . . Our little guys were really moved by the mission videos from Children’s Hunger Fund. Many gave generously from their own piggy banks so the hungry children could have food, not so they could win a contest. So proud of them. –Kerrie L.
The kids LOVED the theme and were really engaged in the program all week. The mission project videos really impacted our kids. Several parents mentioned that the mission project videos raised genuine concern in their kids for the needs of others. One said her daughter came out of her room after VBS one day and said she had been praying all afternoon for those children and wanted to know if there was anything else she could do to help. Another said his children saw a toy drive at the store and started talking to each other about how they should be thankful and help other kids because of the stories they saw at VBS. Featuring children's stories really brought home the importance of missions! –Jessica D.
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Now we’re excited about next year’s VBS theme: Camp Kilimanjaro: An Epic Expedition Through Proverbs! Camp Kilimanjaro encourages children to know that true wisdom comes only from the all-wise God and is found only in His Word, the Bible. And as our VBS staff informs me, we're “challenging children to have ‘ears that hear’ and do God's Word, hearts that trust in the Lord, tongues that are tame (because every person is an image-bearer of the Creator, we need to speak kind words and not bully), hands that get to work, and feet that walk with the wise.” And we've continued the new aspects from this year’s International Spy Academy (science experiments, memory verse songs, and a mission moment with Children's Hunger Fund). Those from our pilot churches loved this particular VBS program—both the theme and the biblical teaching.  Here are just some of the responses from those who were involved in the pilot VBS program for next year:
Loved the teaching on Proverbs!!! It was a blessing to our whole family to have our ears, hearts, tongues, hands and feet challenged to honor God. –Kara D. (teacher)
We had two kids in our night group who became Christians and all the kids had so many great questions. –Anisten A. (teen helper)
After learning about working hard for the Lord, one boy went home and worked all day to earn money. He earned over $70 for the mission project and he said he was hard working like the ant! Wisdom really is hearing plus doing! –Amy H. (adult volunteer).
As I wrote above, we have greatly increased the amount of supplies we ordered for next year’s VBS, Camp Kilimanjaro. We expect another massive response to these unique and powerful AiG-produced VBS programs.

Help us get the truth of God’s Word into the hearts and lives of the young people that so desperately need to hear it by ordering your VBS 2015 starter kit. You can pre-order your kit and learn more about Camp Kilimanjaro at

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