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The Answers Mega Conference continues through Friday here in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. We have many speakers giving talks related to the decline of the culture and how you can be equipped to give answers to those who attack the authority of God’s Word.

My presentation on Monday evening titled “The Great Delusion” focused on the spiritual state of this nation. God’s Word is being attacked at its very foundation, and most Christians do not understand the problem or how to combat it. It is also my assertion that this culture is under judgment—under the wrath of God as described in Romans chapter 1. In many ways, I believe Romans 1 describes the state of the culture in America. How then should we view the leaders (including the president) that govern this nation? You may be surprised at the answer.

It is vital for everyone to understand the delusion—the great lie against God and His Word that has swept the nation and is sweeping the world. Yes, the news is depressing! God is judging America for its rebellion, its wickedness. But the good news is we can do something about this.

Watch this short video below recapping my talk on “The Great Delusion—The Spiritual State of the Nation” and giving a preview of my next talk. I will speaking on “Rescuing Our Kids” this coming Thursday at 11:30 AM (Eastern Time) at our national conference.

Watch the Full Video for Free

You can watch the entire video of “The Great Delusion—The Spiritual State of the Nation” for free under the Video on Demand section of the website. And now the video is posted to our YouTube channel, so you can watch it here:

I encourage everyone to watch this video about America under judgment and the place of its leaders in this judgment—but also what we can do about it.

Make sure to catch the evening sessions of the Answers Mega Conference, which are available to watch online for free at Access to view the morning sessions can be purchased in our online store.

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