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First Wedding in Legacy Hall

by Ken Ham on January 12, 2012

Over the years, there have been a number of weddings held at the Creation Museum—usually in the beautiful gardens. This past Saturday, it was thrilling to for me to be there for the first wedding in the Creation Museum’s new beautiful auditorium/multi-purpose room called Legacy Hall.

AiG VP Dale Mason and his wife Karen praise the Lord for the wedding of their third daughter, Analisa, to Kyle.

Here are some photos taken during the wedding.

The Creation Museum’s Noah’s Café catered for this event. The mother of the bride wrote to the café staff.
First of all, thank you for your cheerful and efficient catering for our wedding this weekend. From my perspective everything went very well. The bridal party especially remarked on how delicious the sandwiches were which you provided in their set-up room. It was so much nicer to have you handle the food than to try to do it myself, as I have in the past. You did a great job! The meats and veggies were fresh and artfully displayed. Someone commented on how tasty the dip was, and anyone who lingered to help in the clean-up just couldn’t stay away from the yummy food.
Legacy Hall is used for conferences, movie nights, dramas, dinners—and now weddings!

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