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Our friends at Bible Islands have not only created a version of their web-based game for kids that integrates teaching and fun from the Creation Museum, but now they are making a version of this “edutainment” game available free, without a time-limited evaluation period.

Sign up now so your children, grandchildren, and their friends can spend their computer time playing some really redeeming games, instead of getting so caught up in the sort of things that the world pushes at them! It’s a secure online environment and Bible Islands reinforces key skills like math, reading, and creative thinking while reinforcing the Bible-based teaching of creation.

You can upgrade to a paid subscription version where even more fun games are available, but this free version is great on its own. Simply click on one of the links above, or go to the Creation Museum website and click the Bible Islands banner at the bottom of the page.  Spread the word!

Creation Museum Free Today

As a reminder of the free gift of salvation, the Creation Museum is open FREE, each Christmas Eve (as it is today) from 10 am to 3 pm.

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