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We are committed to doing everything we can to get our priority resources published in many different languages. Today I would like to take some time to tell you about what we are doing to achieve this purpose. Firstly, Answers in Genesis has a proactive focus of getting Ken Ham’s major talks—along with our top materials—into the 12 largest language groups in the world. They are as follows: Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi and Telegu, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French and Punjabi.

So far, by God’s wonderful provision we have translated Ken’s talk series into seven of the 12 and are planning to continue this work. Each year, Answers Worldwide takes on the next project, and this year we are considering a deviation away from this path to complete a Hebrew translation. We are looking to complete this translation because it compliments the Russian translation we have just completed.

You may not be aware that many Russian-speaking people actually live in Israel. Therefore, having both a Russian translation and a Hebrew translation of Ken’s talks will allow these resources to be accessible in either language (Russian or Hebrew) for the nation of Israel. Israel has a population of 7.2 million, but Russian Jews also make up a significant 13.6 percent of that population. Without Christ, these people are without true hope, and it is our great desire to maximize our outreach through available networks to cover the Russian-speaking nations and add Hebrew to complete a national outreach extended to Israel.

Apart from the languages that are “on the radar” for Answers in Genesis to proactively support, every day we get requests for translations from people all over the world. We attempt to work with as many possible, and to this end we have just completed an update of our translation processes. We want to better meet the need for the message of biblical authority in Genesis and for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be spread as far and wide as possible. Recently, we have also added an online request form for translations. This has allowed us to obtain information that helps us to assess each and every need and make informed decisions, so that each and every translation is not only completed but is comprehensively distributed.

Ultimately, this is all about the spread of the gospel. All over the world, people need to know that the Bible is authoritative and reliable and reveals the only true way of salvation. The Answers in Genesis ministry has a distinctive of defending the historical accuracy of Genesis and its foundational truth, which gives proper understanding and context for the gospel of Jesus Christ. In a world that is questioning the validity of Scripture on every continent, this ministry is bringing a message that not only is the Bible historically accurate, but the gospel message of salvation in Christ is also authentically reliable.

In our Creator who is Savior, Steve Ham


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