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On the 15th of October, 90 friends of AiG began their journeys that would bring them to Ben Gurion Airport where they would start the first-of-its-kind Holy Land tour with a strong geological component. The tour group, led by Dr. David Crandall, consisted of people from three countries and 15 states in the USA.

The group spent a wonderful night in a hotel right on the Mediterranean, and today we began the pilgrimage through the land of God’s chosen people.

Since it was Sunday, we traveled to the ancient city of Caesarea and had our Sunday worship under the canopy of the morning sun and surrounded by the ruins of this Mediterranean port.

Dr. Crandall preached the Sunday message from the book of Acts and rehearsed the historical events of Paul preaching before Felix the Governor. Even as a prisoner held in Caesarea, the Apostle minced no words. Paul clearly presented the gospel, and Felix’s response was tragic: “almost thou persuaded me to be a Christian.” We talked about the “almost-persuaded people” that we know and care for. This Sunday speaking was presented on the actual site where Paul gave his amazing message. We all concluded that we were happy that we have been persuaded and are following after our God.

We then began our journey up to the Jezreel Valley to Megiddo and finally down through the famous Megiddo water tunnel. Dr. Snelling had the group stop at some caves as he pointed out geological features. It was an amazing and easy-to-understand lecture on site.

In late afternoon we broke over a Galilean hillside and, for the first time, saw the Sea of Galilee. Our bus cheered at the first sighting because they knew the great significance of this sea in the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus.

Last night, we opened our windows and were lulled to sleep by the splashing of the sea that would have been so familiar to the disciples as they traveled with Jesus.

Our Jewish guide on our second bus, Shimon Semer, provides great lectures on the country, its history, and its connections to the Word of God.


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