Sweetest French Words


The sweetest French words you will ever read:  "J’ai recu Jesus-Christ comme mon Sauveur personnel”, translated reads “I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  These words were written from Quebec, Canada and they were on the return form at the back of our Olympic booklet translated into French, The Vancouver Gold Rush.  This man had received a booklet in Vancouver and shared his salvation experience in a letter received only one day after our team returned home from Vancouver.

This man indicated that he wanted more information on Creation, on being a Christian and asked for the free book that AiG is offering to everyone that responds.  We are now involved in our follow-up ministry.

Soon after receiving this card in the mail, our staff reported an email from a 14 year boy who likewise got a booklet and had received Jesus Christ as his personal Savor. He was in Vancouver and had been given one of the 92,000 booklets that AiG Olympics WorldWide had given him.

We are immediately contacting a pastor, missionaries or AiG supporters that live near these people to make immediate contact with them.

Praise the Lord has the fruit from this effort continues to multiply.

Dr. David R. Crandall

International Director


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