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Here’s an update from Mike Jacobs in Vancouver:

Today our group of six walked into the Science “In Store” exhibit in Vancouver. But before we walked in, we were met by a person in a giant green costume and his chaperone.  The lady (chaperon) told us to go inside and listen to some talks about geology and earthquakes. We told her about the Creation Museum and gave her a Vancouver “Gold Rush” booklet.  She smirked (i.e., didn’t seem to agree with it) when we talked about creation and the Bible.

We went inside and listened and contributed to the talk. The lady kept watching us through the window keeping an eye on us. She came inside and listened to the presentation and our contribution. We could tell that she was impressed with the things we contributed to the talk. When she realized we weren’t “mindless Bible-believing Christians,” she was nodding her head and agreed with some things we spoke about.

The man leading the talk was not opposed to the Bible and actually allowed creation as a “good” possibility when we brought it up. It is a testimony to the things God has allowed us to learn through Answers in Genesis and that He prepared us in advance to contribute to this talk. The gentleman took some booklets and we pointed him to the AiG website for more info. Praise God!

Here was the talk given by Bob Turner and Suzanne Paradis that we were a part of:

  • Why Vancouver has mountains
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes. Why here?
  • Life in Vancouver during the Ice Age

To God be the Glory.

Mike Jacobs


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