We received a very touching letter this past week from an eight year old girl in India.  Our team that was in India last August met her father during the trip to India a few months ago.  He wrote:

“It was good to meet with you in Hyderabad, and I want to thank AiG for their kind donation of Books and DVD towards our resource centre.  My eight years old daughter was excited to get your books especially she enjoyed the DVD which you have done with buddy Davis.  She enjoys Buddy Davis and ever since she saw that video she started sharing the DVD with her friends and even with any children comes to our home she makes it a point o show them.  She was so excited after watching the DVD she said, I must call Uncle Ken Ham, but we didn’t want to bother you, so she wrote this note to you which I enclosed along with this letter. 

Very recently we had some of our non Christian friends and also our nominal Christian relatives with us at our centre.  She pulled out “The Last Adam” DVD and asked them “Uncle would you like to see this video, its short but very good”, they couldn’t turn down the request.  She was deeply touched by this particular video on the Lords finished work on the Cross of Calvary. 

My wife and I thank the Lord for you and the vision and the ministry He has given you, we do want to let you know that we do pray for you every day.”


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