2011 in Review

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With the New Year approaching soon, I thought it would be fun and helpful to look back at the blogs I’ve written over the last year. It’s hard for me to believe I’ve written 100+ blogs over the last 12 months! I decided to highlight one for each month that I especially liked (sometimes it was hard to choose. :) There has been controversy, sadness, joy, adventure (remember two weeks in the Galapagos!), and many other words I could use to describe the past year.

January 2011  Teaching Sunday School is Child Abuse

February 2011  Research is Lacking—Agreed!

March 2011  Helping Children Wear Biblical Glasses

April 2011 Instant Evolution

May 2011  President Obama- One God or Many gods?

June 2011 Galapagos Adventure—Day 7

July 2011  Five Years in Review

August 2011 Does “Worldview-Neutral” Science Exist? Part One

September 2011  Sexism is Alive and Well in the 21st Century

October 2011  Science is Real

November 2011 Get Some Perspective!

December 2011 Ark Kinds ResearchIs It Scientifically Rigorous?

I’m looking forward to 2012—with many speaking events on my docket and research, I will be very busy. Thank you to my readers for making this a great year. If it weren’t for you this blog would be pointless! I pray God’s blessings for you in 2012.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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