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I was so blessed last week to speak to the wives of the pastors attending our Answers for Pastors conference at the Creation Museum. I gave my presentation entitled “Most Asked Questions By Kids,” and it was well received. Many of these ladies are involved in children’s ministries in their churches, so this information is greatly needed. The good news for those of you who couldn’t make the conference is that the presentation was taped and will hopefully be available on DVD soon.

Yes, it is impossible for me to speak without using my hands!

Karen Haught, speaker and author of The God Empowered Wife, spoke to the ladies four times on the topics of marriage, counseling women in crisis, idols of the heart, and how to give a personal testimony. Karen’s style is very interactive and engaging. She makes use of the audience as volunteers on stage to help her act out various scenarios. The very first volunteer was a great sport and did a good job portraying how a “husband” might act while watching a football game with his “wife” asking a lot of questions! It was very instructive and fun.

Karen Haught speaking

Not being a pastor’s wife myself, it’s hard to grasp how much heartache these ladies hear from women in their congregations. The ladies were intent on learning how to know what is in a woman’s heart by listening and asking the right questions. I have read Karen’s book, and in my opinion it is one of the best books on wifely submission I have every read—biblical and practical!

I am very tired, but the good kind. I have several ladies events lined up for next year, including one in Essex, Vermont. They have done a great job already advertising it on their website. I hope if you’re in the area, you’ll be able to join us.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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