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Last week after my blogs posted concerning the negative feedback I was receiving from the atheist community concerning what I teach in Sunday school (see here and here), I started to receive very encouraging emails and Facebook posts from those in the body of Christ. I want to thank you all and let you know that your words, thoughts, and prayers meant much to me. I thought I would post two of the responses—both were encouraging but the latter was also heartbreaking.

Well here's another Sunday School teacher who's teaching 7th graders - college (we have a small church!) about the HISTORY of our world THRU the Word of God - using Demolishing Strongholds as our curriculum (we're actually in Pilgrim's Progress right now) My husband (and pastor of our church) who teaches the 3rd-6th grade classes (yes, pastors do it ALL in small churches) teaches out of the tri-volume Answers books (just finished in fact and is now teaching inductive Bible study) We also have a supply of videos and books in our library and our parents check these out continually to counter what's being taught their children in school. We take 'church family' field trips to the Creation Museum every year. We may only be a church of 30 but we're doing all we can, with all we have, with the precious people the Lord has entrusted us with to teach them the TRUTH and AUTHORITY of God's Word.
Something that is particularly nasty about this [equating what I teach in Sunday school to child abuse] is that it cheapens what true child abuse is all about and then it is not taken as seriously as it should be, plus, it is putting a loving Sunday School teacher in the same light as a true monster...the Child Abuser. UGH!. I was never going to bring this up but have to because, I was an abused child by a violent, alcoholic step-father. So I hate seeing this word tossed around so flippantly. I think they use the term to try to get attention for themselves and their favorite gripe. I would quiet them quickly enough if they said it in front of me. Being punched, kicked, slapped, and worse is child abuse. How satanic and sly this really is. There are demonic forces behind this. Praise God for the loving Sunday School teachers out there.
Thank you to all who shared, and keep praying and standing on the authority of God’s Word.

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