Christmas Memories and My Mom

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Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I decorate a lot—lighted garlands around the windows, the Christmas village around the tree from pieces I have collected over the years, and even a miniature ice skating rink with figures skating around. About the only place that doesn’t receive decorations is the bathroom (and in the past I have even put cute snowman lights around the bathroom mirror!)

This year I have an extra-special addition to my decorations: a nativity scene that I remember well from my childhood home. My mother, who passed away almost 15 years ago, loved the Christmas season, too. I remember her carefully placing each individual piece of tinsel on the tree and putting the angel on top (jobs that my sister and I were never allowed to do!) I remember her taking over our playroom and locking out my sister and me so she could carefully wrap each present that we would (not so carefully) unwrap on Christmas day. I remember her arranging each piece of the nativity on top of our upright piano. I remember my father reading the account of Jesus’ birth from the book of Luke for family devotions on Christmas Eve.

What a lot of good Christmas memories. I miss my mom especially during this time of year but I also enjoy making new memories for our family to have of the Christmas season. We visit Christmas Town at the Creation Museum, I bake special bread on Christmas morning, we read about Jesus’ birth in our family devotions during the week preceding Christmas, and now we also will enjoy an heirloom nativity that has been passed on to us, which we will pass on to our daughter. Merry Christmas, and I pray that you will make some special Christmas memories of your own this year.

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