Wonders of the Cell

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Last year at Creation College 3, I had the privilege of giving a presentation called “Wonders of the Cell.” I will admit that as a molecular/cell biologist, this has become one of my favorite presentations to give. I now present it several times a year in the Creation Museum as part of the special speaker series. I used amazing computer animations from a video called “The Inner Life of the Cell” to take people on a journey into the body and into a cell. My goal is to show people the amazingly complex systems that God has designed in our bodies. I tell people I want them to walk away from the presentation saying, “Wow!”

You can watch a 15-minute clip of my presentation on our website and purchase the DVD from our online store.

I appreciate how important it is that the cells God designed for our bodies function properly. Many of the so-called hair cells in the cochlea of my ear are either damaged or dead, which is why I don’t hear well. This is the reason I need a cochlear implant (CI) to essentially bypass the ear and help my brain hear. My regular readers know that learning to hear with the CI is an ongoing process for me, and I appreciate your prayers. I have noticed some marked improvement over the last week, and things are starting to sound more normal. However, technology will never be able to replicate the amazing ear that God has designed.

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