News to Note, November 24, 2007

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This week we examine transformed skin cells, the secularized Noah’s Flood, Ken Miller’s culture war, and intelligent design in Florida.

1. BBC News: “Skin Transformed into Stem Cells

The controversy over embryonic stem cell research may soon die down thanks to a potential new method for “reprogramming” human skin cells.

Embryonic stem cells, considered by some to have “an unlimited capacity to become any of the 220 types of cell in the human body” and touted by some as a near-panacea for disease, are controversial because the harvesting process results in destruction of human embryos.

A way to bypass the controversy without forfeiting potential medical advances, however, may be the result of research by U.S. and Japanese scientists that was published separately in the journals Science and Cell.

AiG’s own Georgia Purdom, who holds a PhD in molecular genetics, explained the significance of the news in an AiG web article on Wednesday:

This is exciting news, as it presents an alternative to embryonic stem cell usage and is another example of how adult stem cells are extremely versatile. Another advantage would be the ability to use a person’s own skin cells . . . thus eliminating rejection upon transplantation.

You can read Dr. Purdom’s full article, “Stem Cell Breakthrough,” or her in-depth look at the topic of stem cells, “Stem Cells

2. “And the Waters Prevailed Upon the Earth”

It may surprise many readers that the secular press is acknowledging the Genesis Flood. Of course, what’s not so surprising is that the acknowledgment is only a reference to a hypothesized local flood that doesn’t match the biblical account.

3. Ken Miller and Culture War

It seems one of evolutionary theory’s biggest defenders, biologist Ken Miller, has come around to AiG’s point of view. At least, that’s one way to look at his recent comments!

4. Florida School to Discuss Intelligent Design?

The Lakeland Ledger reports this week that a majority of Polk County school board members support supplementing public school evolution education with discussions of intelligent design. Polk County is home to more than half a million people, and thus an evolution education battle in the county could draw major media coverage.

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