News to Note, July 5, 2008

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Birdbrained evolutionists, an old-earther’s best friend, concertmaster cavemen, and more!

1. New Study Has Completely Redrawn Tree of Avian Life

New science has “completely redrawn” the avian tree of life, undoing the previous view of bird relationships.

2. Diamonds May Offer Clues to Earth's Earliest Life

The diamond may be more than a girl’s proverbial best friend—it may be an old-earther’s best friend, too, if a recent Nature report is accurate.

3. Mars May Hold Nutrients for Life

If off-season vegetables shipped in from far-away places are getting too expensive, perhaps it won’t be too long before vegetables will come straight from Mars!

4. New Findings Show That Cavemen Valued Singing

Those oft-portrayed cave-painting “cavemen” were more than mere artists: they were concertmasters skilled in mixing visual art with sound, reports LiveScience.

5. Microscopic Clutch Aids In Flagellum Mobility

Tiny bacteria-bound flagella have a clutch-controlled microscopic motor much like that of ordinary automobiles, according to research conducted at Indiana University–Bloomington and Harvard University.

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