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Ethiopia welcomed home its national icon after rock star treatment during her American tour.

Ethiopia welcomed home its national icon after rock star treatment during her American tour. A red carpet welcome in Addis Ababa may not be on tap for a bunch of bones, but Ethiopia’s most famous resident, a skeleton dubbed “Lucy,” has come home after a six-year absence.

The evolution story has it that Lucy is the definitive example of a transitional form between humans and supposed apelike ancestors, mostly because evolutionists teach that she walked upright. Creationist researchers like Dr. David Menton, however, argue that Lucy’s pelvis was not designed for a humanlike gait, and her head was ape-like. Lucy’s overall anatomy is consistent with that of an extinct ape.

Sadly, visitors who saw the traveling Lucy exhibit were told they were viewing their ancestor. In truth, they merely saw a dressed-up ape.


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