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Evan Almighty or Almighty Truth?

I wanted to thank you so much for alerting me to this summer’s new movie Evan Almighty in the April–June issue. Thanks to you, I knew about this upcoming movie long before my friends did, and it made me alert to any news about it in the media. Even though I knew nothing about the movie, I was still shocked when I started seeing full-page ads in some of my favorite Christian magazines for Evan Almighty, and some Christian organizations/music groups endorsing it!

Even though I read other Christian reviews on the movie, I waited for AiG’s review of this questionable movie for a long time. I agree with your thoughts/conclusion on this movie 100%, and am so glad there is a magazine like Answers proclaiming the truth!

Stacy R., Fairfield, Pennsylvania

The Real Deal About Noah's Ark

Just a quick praise on the Evan Almighty movie review by Stacia McKeever on June 23, 2007. I completely agree with the thoughts. Basically with the current culture and worldly views, it is good to see an attempt at good, wholesome movies, but at the same time right is right and wrong is wrong. I like the idea of using this movie as a segue into telling folks about the real size and purpose of the Ark and what God really desires for us. Of course, we must do it in a tactful and loving manner.

Claude S., Kilgore, Texas

Blown Away

We just received our first copy of Answers magazine and are completely blown away! What a wonderfully and beautifully compiled magazine. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry and we are going to do our part to share this wonderful find with all our friends and beyond! Thanks again and please continue in this necessary endeavor!

The Emery Family, Crossville, Tennessee

Special Report—What about Christian Education?

I found the July–September issue very interesting. I especially enjoyed the articles on sea turtles and on education.

However, I failed to see what I expected in the education section on homeschooling and Christian education—a special report dedicated to God’s people, both inside and outside the government education system, who desperately want to teach the truth.

I understand that the majority of Americans send their children to public schools, but not all of us do. I did not find an article dedicated to God’s people . . . outside the government education system.

Many of us, having been educated in public schools ourselves, would like to see some information that would help us teach our children.

Jennifer J., Pell City, Alabama

Editor’s/Publisher’s Note: Parents who choose to homeschool or to place their children in private Christian schools face pressures from friends and family members who don’t agree or don’t understand the need. By addressing the situation within “traditional” government-funded schools, our intent is also to inform and aid parents and teachers who face questions about why they choose homeschooling or private schooling. We printed thousands of extra copies of the education Special Report issue with the hope that churches and individuals will buy it in bulk and pass out copies to as many parents as possible. The more these life-impacting topics are understood throughout the church, the better off our children will be, regardless of the educational system utilized.

A Tale of Two Perspectives

Each year I open my junior high history class with a lesson on perspective. Because I teach in a Christian school, it is vital for me to help my students understand the concept of perspective and how it affects our Christian history. Your Answers article “A Tale of Two Journalists” has provided me with a fresh approach to this lesson.

Laura P., Fairfield Christian Academy, Lancaster, Ohio

First Time for Everything

I ordered a gift subscription for my husband’s brother and his wife and family. They are avid National Geographic “Christians.” I’d like to send a copy of the current Answers to my aunt in Houston who has a master’s degree in education and has turned me in to Child Protective Services for homeschooling my three children. My sister in Kansas, who also has a master’s degree but in art education, might like it, too. They both teach in public schools and have not spoken to me for years because I homeschool. I can’t think of a single person I don’t want to send the magazine to. What a wonderful tool to help turn people to Christ and point them to the truth.

Jill O., Tijeras, New Mexico

A Balanced View

I visited Petrified Gardens in South Dakota and was pleased to see a board with a biblical timeline. Granted, most of the information elsewhere was full of long-age hogwash; however, the information on that one board was accurate. I want to encourage others who see things like this to let the owners know that they appreciate the more balanced view. Also, Answers in Genesis has a lot of information about respectfully approaching others about giving a more balanced view. Perhaps we can see more tourist attractions giving a more balanced view.

Dolores M., Warwick, Rhode Island

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