Devotional Isn’t a Trite Word

by Mike Matthews on September 11, 2016
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Mike Matthews

illustration by Viktor Miller-Gausa

Mike Matthews
Editor in Chief

This is the second issue since we redesigned the magazine. Our publisher, Dale Mason, has asked me to share a bit of my perspective as editor in chief from time to time in this space where his Publisher’s Pen normally appears. So over the coming months, I’ll explain some of these changes and also discuss other topics. We hope you enjoy the new look!

First, what’s with the photo on the last page? Blades of grass?

I’d like to open my heart wide here. I’ve been the editor of this magazine for ten years, so long-time readers know that I’m not a scientist by trade. I’m a literature guy. What fires my engines each morning is not the details of science, as interesting as they are. It’s knowing God better.

And I don’t mean knowing just the facts, ma’am. I mean really knowing Him, in the biblical sense of the word—experiencing Him and gaining insight into His real character.

For a believer to know Him is to be devoted to Him. It means being so overwhelmed by the perfections (or glories) of His being—and by His creation—that we can’t help but renew and deepen our dedication to serve Him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.

The term devotional has gotten a bad rap these days. For some reason, it has the connotation of light and fluffy. The root meaning is just the opposite. It’s associated with love, loyalty, enthusiasm, worship.

That yearning drives this magazine: a desire to motivate and equip fellow believers to renew their devotion to their Creator and Savior, to be so taken with Him that they can’t help but share about His power, holiness, and glorious humility—a humility that reconciled sinners to Himself through the cross of Jesus Christ.

The final page of the redesigned magazine, where my Last Word column used to be, is now called Creation Every Day. The Almighty God is so glorious that He effortlessly tosses priceless gems into every nook and cranny of our lives. Everywhere we look, even lowly blades of grass, the Lord gives us reminders of His grace and majesty.

We want to end each issue with a reminder about the deeper purpose of the magazine’s articles: devotion. Not trite feelings, but a life-transforming experience of God that drives us to serve Him and tell others about Him.

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The photos of “convergent designs” on pages 65–66 are astonishing to me. The Creator gave similar designs to completely unrelated creatures—so they couldn’t have evolved from a common ancestor!

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